“all i did was work for them”

Phil Groom writes:

So writes Lindsey Stokes, another ex-SPCK/SSG worker who hasn’t received her pay despite Mark Brewer’s insistence that he has paid her:

i did loads of overtime so i could afford to go on holiday and then had the shock when the Brewers didn’t pay me so i then had to go into debt and use my credit card so i could go. I contacted acas about my wages and got a letter back from Mark Brewer saying that he had paid me when he hadn’t, now im going to have to send all my bank statements as prove that i haven’t been paid. I’m fed up of the Brewers messing me about all i did was work for them i don’t deserve this.

What Lindsey does deserve, of course, is her wages. The amount due to her is £625.60. If she has been paid, that’s great: another small step in the right direction — thanks and kudos to Mark Brewer. The delay in payment going through may, like Pauline’s, be due to the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Maybe someone could check and let us know, please?

Nonetheless the fact remains that a letter, dated September 8th 2008, has been sent confirming the payment. If enough time has gone by for ACAS to receive and review that letter and ask Lindsey for her bank statements, then surely enough time has gone by for a bank transfer to go through as well, even given the current state of the financial markets?

It’s tempting to compare Lindsey’s outstanding £625.60 with Mark Brewer’s own $75,000 fee for providing legal services to his own company… but let’s not go down that road. I’ll make a suggestion instead: it’s a matter of public record now that Brewer’s legal services rendered to SSG with respect to the bankruptcy filing were substandard. Perhaps a refund is due? That $75,000 would go quite a way towards those outstanding wage bills…


Update, 8pm, 25/09/2008: When I prepared this report yesterday, I gave Mark Brewer the benefit of the doubt, allowing the possibility that the delay in Lindsey’s payment might be due to Hurricane Ike. Further research makes me sceptical: Mark Brewer’s letter confirming payment was dated September 8th; Hurricane Ike didn’t hit Texas until September 13th, five days later. Definitely more than enough time for a bank payment to have gone through…

9 responses to ““all i did was work for them”

  1. Another case of theft then Mr Brewer, like the pensions case?

  2. Mr Brewer, I worked with Linz, she worked very hard for you, when your brother Phil came to the shop, he wanted all the stock upstairs moved down stairs, and all the stock down stairs moved up stairs, a major heavy job, little Linz came in on her days off, to earn some extra pocket money for her holidays. Everyday, all day long, she was going up and down the stairs with arms full of heavy books, sometimes she couldn’t see over the top of them, to do what your brother wanted, she worked so hard. PLEASE Mr Brewer don’t do this to her, check your records again please, you didn’t pay her, you have her telephone number, Tammy gave it to you on the e-mail. Please give Linz her wages, she’s a great girl, and she did work so hard for you with all those heavy books for days on end. Thank you.

  3. Pauline , what a kind lady you are, i was so pleased when Mr Brewer paid you your wages, here we go again poor Linz ,why !! Mr Brewer do we have to practically beg , GIVE LINZ HER WAGES NOW

  4. I’ve just read this post again. Like the Brewers, I am a slow reader and I take a bit of time to digest things. I think that Hurricane Ike is being blamed for far too much havoc. Poor old Huricane Ike. He has been blamed for not paying Pauline. I think the Brewers like Ike.
    Somehow I think that Mark Brewer is not talking to his accountant, or maybe Pritchard’s accountant, despite them working in the same office. What has Hurricane Ike got to do with that?

  5. I definitely think that $75000 needs to be re-distributed…

  6. Dear CONCERNED PARTY, you seem to be on the ball, can you please look into Lindsey Stokes’s wages, she has not been paid, could you also sort out Her wages for Her please.
    Thank you !!!

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  8. Pauline Edwards

    Mr Brewer, its now Friday, and Lindsey Stokes, is still waiting for Her wages, COME ON Mark Brewer give the girl a ring, and stop playing mind games with her, you have her phone number. I hope I am not going to have to repeat my self again next week?, by the way she has got a court date for 3rd December. Balls in your court Mr Brewer, can you just pay the girl? thank you.

  9. Well Mr Brewer, here we go again, yes I am repeating myself again, give Linz a call. What is your reasoning you pay 2 workers from Birmingham, but not the 3rd and that is because……..

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