Art Gallery

Welcome to our Art Gallery. Like most things here, it’s a work in progress: images are being rounded up and will be added as and when there’s time. Decided to start with Gerald because being sheep they were fairly easy to round up.

  • Last Updated: 9/02/2009

1. Gerald the Sheep

Courtesy of Ben GallagherGerald’s Home Page | Gerald’s Facebook Fan Club


Cistern Disease

Cistern Disease

2. Matt Wardman’s Campaign Logos

Trouble Brewing Bankrupt Thinking Stand Up SPCK Up Pissed Off in a Brewery
Scrutinising the rundown of the former-SPCK Bookshops

More to be added…

3. Mousey

Brewer Bestiary


4. Pilgrim



5. Brewer Bus Collection

Think of it as our very own BBC Channel...

Think of it as our very own BBC Channel...

2 responses to “Art Gallery

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  2. Loved the special award! (Who would give away a chain of bookshops to these men….?)

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