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SPCK Weekly Update: 5th September 2008


Matt Wardman writes:

Fairly brief this week, but with a couple of important reports.

Press: SSG Bankruptcy Application was in Bad Faith

A report from The Bookseller states that the application for Bankruptcy in the Southern Division of the Texas Court in Houston. They have been in contact with Randy Williams, the Trustee in Bankruptcy :

“The Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by Christian bookseller St Stephen the Great was dismissed because the case was filed “in bad faith”, according to a court official.

Courtroom minutes show that the case was dismissed “with prejudice” during a hearing at Houston Bankruptcy Court last Thursday.

The ruling has a number of restrictions on it, including a set period when Mark and Phil Brewer, who run the chain, cannot submit another bankruptcy filing in the US. Randy W Williams, trustee for the Chapter 7 case, told The Bookseller that “the motion to dismiss was granted with prejud-ice and the judge found that the filing of the case was in bad faith”.

“Bad faith means in this case that it was done for a wrong or improper purpose,” he said.

In June, Williams filed a motion to dismiss it, claiming “on its face, there is nothing to liquidate and nothing available to fund an in-vestigation in the UK”.

The brothers told suppliers in June that SSG had filed for protection from creditors under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. The court later converted this to Chapter 7, leaving the retailer in liquidation.

Mark Brewer told The Bookseller last week that he did not have enough money to file for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom.

He was unavailable for comment this week.”


This is one step further than I reported last week, when it was only clear that the application had been “dismissed with prejudice” .

As I documented last week, this has a lot of implications.

Meetup for ex-SPCK Staff. 10 Sep, London.

Phelim Mcintyre, who is a former SPCK employee, is hosting a meeting on 10th September, and asked for the following to be posted:

Next Wednesday there is a meeting being held in London. Details of time and where are here https://spckssg.wordpress.com/diary/

What we need now though are two things: firstly I need to know you are coming. It is open to exSPCK/SSG staff (and current staff if you are willing to come) and those in the publishing/bookselling world. Other interested people can come but let me know please via this link.

Secondly we need to get an agenda together. A lot has happened in the months since this meeting was called. The death of Steve Jeynes. The pension chaos. The petition concerning the Durham shop. The bankrupty case being thrown out. Shops opening in Cardiff and soon to open in Norwich and elsewhere. In all this how can we support each other beyond the blogs? How can we support those who want to start a bookshop to replace the old SPCK/SSG one? How can we provide emotional support for each other? How can we continue to make sure that something rises from the mass destruction caused by the Brewers? Again please let me know what you want discussed – contact by email via this link, as before.


Group News

More people continue to take an interest in the case.

The “Support Dave Walker” facebook group is now up to 480 members, while the Save the SPCKgroup has gone up to 260.

If you are involved, please note that the emphasis is shifting from the threats against Dave Walker to the long term need to scrutinise the saga of the SPCK Bookshops.

Who’s Posting about SPCK

I’m starting a new list of blogs to mark the transition from “Defend Dave Walker” to “Scrutinise the SPCK Saga”. You can add yourself to the list here if you have posted – I want to include sites that have posted in the past, too.

Key Links


Dave Walker Reposts – 1-75

Other Sites



That’s it until next Friday.

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