Collecting the Evidence

Trouble Brewing

This page (announced here, 12th Sept 2008) is a central resource created to pool potential evidence of the Brewers’ bad faith and other misdemeanours: things like continuing to trade under the SPCK name in direct violation of SPCK’s withdrawal of the licence to do so; non-payment of bills for goods or services supplied; questionable stock transfers; illegal termination of employment; improper accounting procedures — essentially anything that might help whoever may be involved in bringing prosecutions here in the UK to build their case.

Links to other posts and pages reporting such things are likely to be particularly useful, even if they have already been linked to elsewhere on the site.

It will be assumed that if you leave a comment of this page then you are, if necessary, willing to testify to the veracity of any information you supply in court, so facts only, please, not speculation or discussion. Use a pseudonym if you wish but please be sure to provide a valid email address; and please monitor the email address you give us: we may need to contact you at short notice and move very quickly.

Please remember that this page is open to the public: if you would prefer to submit information privately, please use the Contact Phil page. 

Information given will be used with discretion and care but it is being gathered with the specific purpose of disclosure to those working to further the interests of ex-SPCK employees, suppliers and/or those involved in running the bookshops post-SSG. Two hallmarks of the SPCK/SSG situation are mind-boggling complexity and multiple stakeholders involved: when progress has been made it has usually been because the right people have had access to the right information at the right time.

If you wish to be contacted before ANY disclosure, please say so when you submit your information — and please let us know the moment that situation changes. We will attempt to contact you before any disclosure that we think may cause you any problems; but we are, of course, subject to the rule of law: we must comply with rulings made by a court with jurisdiction here in the UK.

Thank you.


We start the ball rolling with…

The Complete Brewerlogues
The Cease and Desist letters sent by Mark Brewer to Phil Groom, as pdfs. This is the first time all three complete C&Ds have been made publicly available.

  1. Demand to Cease and Desist 21st July 2008
  2. Second and Final Demand to Cease and Desist 22nd July 2008
  3. Please Remove this Web Page Immediately 22nd July 2008
An Index of Indexes
We are now compiling an Index of Indexes (or indices, if you’re that way inclined). Call it a Master Index if you prefer. If you have compiled a relevant index, please leave a comment on that page and it will be added as soon as possible, bearing in mind that we’re already running behind with some of the existing indexes…
The Ministry of Truth Analysis
Thanks to Unity, who has conveniently tagged all relevant posts J Mark Brewer. These include significant documentation in several areas such as this Statement of Financial Affairs (pdf).
Other Dodgy Dealings
Instructing staff to lie to customers; breaching Amazon’s terms & conditions for affiliates; dubious fundraising schemes: it’s all there in Philip Brewer’s own words at Philip Brewer says, “Immediately post this…”

7 responses to “Collecting the Evidence

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  2. The various stories on the frontage of shops still bearing the spck name are useful. See where i talk about the use of some spck stickers in salisbury, and the SPCk/SSG photocall page of course.

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  5. anymore evidence out there?

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