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As most readers will know, in July 2008 Dave Walker removed his ‘Save the SPCK’ pages due to threats of legal action issued by Mark Brewer. If you’re a newcomer to the story, you can read all about it in a series of posts at the WardmanWire.

This site remains open and comments are welcome, but please comment with courtesy, truthfully, responsibly and respectfully bearing in mind that if push comes to shove I (Phil Groom) may call upon you to testify to the veracity of your comments in court. This site is explicitly and specifically for news, notes and info along with related discussions: if you wish to post anything other than this, please follow asingleblog and mindwhatshappening‘s examples and open your own blog.

Privacy Policy
The use of pseudonyms when commenting is welcome. All we ask is that you:

  1. Use the same pseudonym each time you comment;
  2. Provide a valid email address so that we — that is, this blog’s organisers — can contact you if necessary.

Your contact details will not be passed on to any third party without your explicit permission or unless we are required to disclose it under British law.

This privacy policy must be read in conjunction with the site’s Terms of Use as posted in the sidebar.

Should you wish to import the contents of this site to your own blog, you may download, unzip then upload this file*, but whilst this site remains open it would be best if you turn comments off on the uploaded posts, please, and refer your visitors to this site: far better, I think, if we can keep comments on the same post all together. As and when time permits, the file will be updated so that you can include the latest posts and comments: please bookmark this page if you wish to take advantage of this.

Thank you.

* Download problems? Windows users: right-click on the link; Mac users: ctrl-click on the link; then choose “Download to…” (or similar) from the pop-up menu. It’s a standard .zip file so should unzip with a double-click.Still having problems? OK: link to the plain text .xml file below, but be aware that it’s bigger and will take a tad longer to download: spckssg.2008-07-28.xml — if it opens in your browser, come back and try the right-click/ctrl-click trick described above…



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