Or, to be more precise, a News Index of news reports (N), blog posts (B) and other related items (O) in date order, most recent first. Under continuous review, this index is intended (eventually!) to provide a definitive record of the SPCK/SSG bookshop history from the day the shops were handed over to the day… well, time will tell: it’s ongoing. This index is for information and reference purposes only: no endorsement or otherwise of these sites or postings is necessarily implied; but it might be.

Related Posts and Incoming Links: Thank you to all those who have posted about the situation: your posts etc will be added to this index as and when the opportunity arises. You can also keep up to date with who’s posting via Richard Peat’s Dave Walker/SPCK FriendFeed page.

Master Index and Timeline: To make this index more user-friendly I (Phil Groom) am now compiling an Index of Indexes (or indices, if you’re that way inclined). If there’s an index you’d find helpful that has not yet been compiled, please let me know. No guarantees, of course, but the aim is for this resource to be as accessible and comprehensive as possible: I can only provide the data you need if you tell me what you need. Meanwhile, Pat Ashworth from the Church Times has compiled a very helpful SPCK-SSG timeline for the period from Oct 2006 to Sept 2008 (scroll down the page when you get there).

Dave Walker: Until 22nd July 2008, when he received threats of legal action from Mark Brewer, Dave Walker was the champion blogger of the SPCK Bookshops cause. Mark Brewer’s threats forced Dave to pause and take stock of his blogging: faced with the possibility of exorbitant legal expenses, Dave reluctantly took down his SPCK Bookshop posts and stopped reporting on the situation (somewhat bizarrely, just eight days later Mark Brewer flatly denied any responsibility for this). The explosion of blogs and responses which followed made it difficult to keep this index updated at that point, but Matt Wardman has compiled a list of most of those posts: these are being added to this index as and when time permits. A separate list of Dave Walker links may be found in this blog’s sidebar and an index of sites where Dave’s missing posts have been reinstated is being compiled here: The Dave Walker Reposts: An Index, with Comments.

Missing Links: Unfortunately a few of the sites and stories linked to have disappeared since this index was compiled. Rather than remove those links I’ve decided to leave them in place as a matter of historical record.

News and Blog Index | Jump to the beginning

  • Save the SPCK: Dave Walker’s ongoing collection of SPCK/SSG posts (B/N) — currently unavailable due to threats of legal action issued by Mark Brewer on 22nd July 2008. Some of Dave’s posts have been reinstated at; some earlier material (May 2006 – May 2007) has been archived by the Wayback Machine (Wayback Machine doesn’t seem to archive CSS files too well so you may need to scroll down the pages for the content). Alternatively, you can download the whole package as a pdf (2.3MB) courtesy of The Wardman Wire.
    Update 11/08/2008: Now all reposted at Cease and Desist.
From Before the Current Crisis:

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