10 responses to “J Mark Brewer, the People’s Hero: A Video to Vomit Over

  1. Can hardly believe this. This man called Mark Brewer contacts Fox, gets himself interviewed and so obviously touts for business! Sad thing is that people will probably run to him for help. Would like to say what I think of him but I’m not willing to risk another ASBO.

  2. You could always feature an ‘interview’ with him on your blog…

    So Mark, what did you do with the pension contributions?
    Tell us a bit about what you learnt when you went back to law school after your failed bankruptcy filing?
    What do you enjoy most about destroying people’s livelihoods?
    You know that cattle farmers are allowed to milk their charges, Mark: have you ever considered cattle farming as an alternative career?

    I’m sure you can dream up a few more questions and answers…

  3. Phelim McIntyre

    Should we inform Fox News about the “People’s Hero” attempting to make a company he is trustee of bankrupt in the US Courts and admitting that his actions were in “bad faith”? The death of an employee possibly because of “The People’s Hero”‘s behaviour? The dozens of industrial tribunials because of being made redundant by email? Etc etc etc.

  4. Pauline Edwards

    What goes around, comes around!!!!
    Now he knows how it feels,
    Is this in God’s plan, I wonder?

  5. I wonder if the “Peoples Hero” has yet considered setting up a Trust to which some of the 30,000 investors could contribute towards the costs of his legal action (taken out on their behalf, of course) but what to call it…..?
    The “Mark Brewer Enrichment Fund” perhaps?
    Anyone got any better names…..?

  6. In the Penny Catechism it used to say that one of the sins crying to Heaven for venegance was depriving labourers of their wages. It looks as if God has taken due note and acted accordingly.

  7. Unless you’re prepared to say that God’s aim is a bit naff, picking off 30,000 other people’s investments in the process, I’d be pretty careful about going down that particular theological blind alley… kinda like saying the Tsunami a few years back was God’s vengeance…

    You’ll find my response to that sort of thinking here: Hating the Monster God.

    But Brewer’s abuse of his workforce does indeed cry out to heaven!

  8. The Brewers … should be known as the Screwers … like screwing people for money … and doing the dirty on honest and dedicated staff at the SPCK shops and on their suppliers …. thank God there are people like Phil Groom who call a spade a spade

  9. >The Brewers … should be known as the Screwers … like screwing people for money …

    That …. is rather good.

  10. Looking for anyone with information about the Brewer’s legal battles that can fill in some blanks for me.

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