A question asked at the meeting held on Sept 10th 2008 was, “How can we help the ex-SPCK/SSG booksellers who are now unemployed?” One answer suggested is this page: an opportunity for job seekers to post their details; and somewhere for prospective employers to advertise vacancies.

The deal is simple: free listings for job seekers; for advertising situations vacant, we request a donation to the Save the SPCK Booksellers Fund: £10 for 1 month; £25 for 3 months. Donations are best made online but if you would prefer to contribute by cheque, please make your cheque payable to “UK Christian Bookshops Directory” and send it with a covering note to Phil Groom — postal address available on request | Why advertise here?

In either case, please either leave the relevant details as a comment on this page or use the Contact page to send in details privately. Please remember that this is a public noticeboard: please think carefully about what information you leave via the comments…

Employment Wanted      

No listings yet…

Situations Vacant     
Why advertise here? 

No listings yet…

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