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Feeling lost here on the SPCK/SSG information superhighway? Never fear: this site map should help you find your way. If you’re new to the story, our About page is the best place to start; if you still can’t find your way or what you’re looking for, please send us a message via the Contact page.

Site Map

  • FRONT PAGE: Latest news & views, updated most days, sometimes more often.
  • ABOUT: Why we’re here and a brief resumé of the historical situation.
    Art Gallery: Artwork inspired by the Brewers and their innovative business practices.
    • Collecting the Evidence
    • Downloads: Important documents (pdf files)
    Art Gallery: The shops as they were and as they’ve become. It’s a bit like a graveyard, unfortunately…
    Poet’s Corner: Poetry, doggerel and rough rhymes inspired by the Brewers’ shenanigans.
    • Read Me: Please read this page before posting comments.
    • SPCK/SSG: My Story, by Phil Groom
    • Who’s Who: Meet the team. Some of us, anyway… there are others working away behind the scenes, without whose help we’d be lost. You know who you are: thank you.
  • CHICHESTER: Information and discussion page supporting our petition to save Chichester’s Christian bookshop from the Brewers.
  • DIARY: Renamed ‘What’s On’ – see below.
  • DURHAM: Information and discussion page supporting our petition to save Durham Cathedral Bookshop from the Brewers.
  • HELP: You are here. Phew!
    • Contact: Get in touch. Messages sent through this page go to Phil Groom, the site’s founder, and he passes them on or responds as necessary.
    • Jobs: Employment Wanted and Situations Vacant 
    • Why advertise here? Facts and Figures
  • INFO: Renamed ‘ABOUT’ – see above.
  • NEWS: More accurately, a News Index: under continuous review, this page aims (eventually) to provide a complete historical record of news reports, blogs and other related items. 
    Index of Indexes

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