Why advertise here? Facts & Figures

Why advertise positions on the SPCK SSG News Blog?

  • In short, because it both makes sense and also helps support ex-SPCK staff by providing a small donation to the Save the SPCK Booksellers Fund. You can also use the board to advertise other relevant jobs.

It helps the Booksellers’ Support Fund

  • There are still a number of ex-SPCK staff and others looking for positions, and there may be some more in the future – depending how developments go with the bookshops. You can read what the fund has been used for on the Save the SPCK Booksellers page. It is small, and each £10 or £25 makes a difference.

It is Effective in Reaching Potential Applicants

  • This blog is the news hub for everything to do with the SPCK/SSG case, and is read regularly by many current and ex-SPCK staff, and others interested in the case. It is usually updated daily, sometimes more frequently, and is monitored by all the key players in the SPCK/SSG case as well as figures from the media.

It is Excellent Value for Money

  • During August we received (based on the wordpress.com statistics service) 20,000 page views. We are on track to repeat that figure in September. Here are the current traffic graphs, taken at midnight on September 14th:

Weekly Pageviews


Monthly Pageviews

For a highly targetted niche audience such as ours, that represents excellent value.

How to Advertise

Page written by Matt Wardman

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