Daily Archives: September 1, 2008

Durham Cathedral Bookshop: Petition Update

iPetition PenThank you to everyone who has already signed the Durham Cathedral Bookshop Petition: if you have not yet done so, please head on over there now, read it and, if you share the concerns expressed, sign it.

We now have a dedicated PETITION page on this blog, featured in the navigation bar across the top of every page: please keep an eye on that page for future updates. As I write the petition has 183 signatures from a broad cross section of the community: members of the clergy, a representative of General Synod, students from Durham University and elsewhere, academic booksellers, publishers, at least one concerned author, former SPCK/SSG employees and many others from amongst the shop’s customer base as well as elsewhere. 

The number of signatories is steadily growing and at each multiple of 50 signatures I am re-presenting it to the Dean, the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, until the petition closes — that is, until such time as the Brewers are no longer in control of the Cathedral Bookshop. It has now been sent to him by email three times, the first time to the generic Chapter email address given on the Cathedral’s contact page, subsequently to his personal Cathedral email address. As yet I have received no response, possibly because he has only very recently returned from holiday.

The petition allows space to leave personal comments and many signatories have chosen to take advantage of this to express outrage at the Brewers’ decimation of the shop and at their mistreatment of their staff, as well as to express support for the Dean and Chapter: a selection of those comments will appear in a future update.

Finally for now, however, thanks to those who have mentioned, reported on or linked in to the petition, listed A-Z by post title:

Apologies to any I’ve missed: if that’s you, please let me know and I’ll gladly consider adding your link.

– Phil Groom