Daily Archives: August 9, 2008

Shop Locations

As of what I know to day this is the situation in the various cities with ex-SPCK Shops. Can people add any more?  Phelim

Chichester – running under Chichester Shop Management Company

Durham – running under Durham Cathedral Shop Management Company. Phil Brewer has been to shop but has avoided last two Dean and Chapter meetings.

Sheffield – shop closed and locks changed due to unpaid rent (reported on spckwatch’s blog on livejournal)

Hereford – fully independent

Leicester – fully independent

Worcester – appears to be open but no more details

Winchester – not sure whether this is independent or not

Lincoln – shop closed but gap filled by Unicorn Tree Books

York – shop closed but gap being filled by St Paul’s Multi Media

Birmingham – shop closed, part of gap filled by a market stall

Canterbury – closed

London – closed

Chester – ENC’s contact address but no knews of anyone is there to answer mail. Last I heard was that shop was open two days a weel.

Carlisle – as far as I am aware this shop is closed with the building back in the hands of the landlord (Cathedral)

Bristol – shop closed.

Newcastle – shop was being run by agency staff but no news as to whether this is still the case.