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As of what I know to day this is the situation in the various cities with ex-SPCK Shops. Can people add any more?  Phelim

Chichester – running under Chichester Shop Management Company

Durham – running under Durham Cathedral Shop Management Company. Phil Brewer has been to shop but has avoided last two Dean and Chapter meetings.

Sheffield – shop closed and locks changed due to unpaid rent (reported on spckwatch’s blog on livejournal)

Hereford – fully independent

Leicester – fully independent

Worcester – appears to be open but no more details

Winchester – not sure whether this is independent or not

Lincoln – shop closed but gap filled by Unicorn Tree Books

York – shop closed but gap being filled by St Paul’s Multi Media

Birmingham – shop closed, part of gap filled by a market stall

Canterbury – closed

London – closed

Chester – ENC’s contact address but no knews of anyone is there to answer mail. Last I heard was that shop was open two days a weel.

Carlisle – as far as I am aware this shop is closed with the building back in the hands of the landlord (Cathedral)

Bristol – shop closed.

Newcastle – shop was being run by agency staff but no news as to whether this is still the case.

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  1. I have sent the following message to SPCK today: “I was disturbed to see that in your links page:
    you still show an entry for
    The SPCK Bookshops’ Antiquarian and Secondhand site, also owned and operated by St Stephen the Great”
    I am encouraged by the news from Sheffield of landlord repossession of bookshop premises and look forward to the SPCK Trustees acting with all due haste to secure the reputation of the SPCK name which has been, and continues to be, grossly tarnished by the relationship with SSG & the Brewers.
    Particular examples of action would include simple things like securing the safety for the future of the high quality artwork of the SPCK sign still on display outside the Salisbury bookshop in breach of the discontinued licence to use the SPCK name. Major things would be simply to secure all the bookshop premises on grounds of breach of agreement and reassert UK Law as the jurisdiction for ALL matters connected with the Bookshops.
    I would hope that the SPCK Trustees have already sent words of support and encouragement to Dave Walker and others who are caught up in this tragic mess.”

  2. What about:
    Cardiff – fully independent
    Norwich – currently closed…
    Truro – sort of independent?

  3. Phelim McIntyre

    Oops – forgot about Cardiff (big cheer for those huys getting things up and running). I’ve heard that a new shop may be opening in Norwich, or is that wishful thinking? Also does anyone know anymore about the four shop buildings (Bradford, York, Exeter and Canterbury) that SSG wanted to sell? I know these were withdrawn from sale but have heard nothing more since.

  4. Valiant for Truth

    See Network Norwich re Norwich shop and the last I heard Stuart Ayrton is still running the Bradford shop 10.00am-2.00pm Monday to Friday.

  5. York shop is open – don’t know the hours.

  6. Canterbury, is about to be opened again, dont no the hours.

  7. Phelim McIntyre

    Thanks for the news about Canterbury and York – are these being filled by students over the summer? Will try and find out what is going on.

  8. Newcastle shop is opening 10.30 to 3.30 Monday to Friday. Presume they’re still agency staff working there.

  9. Phelim McIntyre

    So it’s a shop Jim, but not as we know it. Sorry as a bit of a sci-fi fan I couldn’t resist.

    My guess is York, Canterbury and Newcastle are being run by agency staff. I heard that one of the Brewer’s daughters was going to be in charge of one of the shops. Does anyone know which one? I will edit the main post later with the actual times people have given me – and see what other response we get.

  10. Salisbury: intermittent opening, as reported by Sarum College Bookshop… another interesting story in itself: watch this space, as they say.

  11. Health and Safety Warning. Do not try to get into the Brewer Brain. Shop closed… stock moved…shop now open. Shops bankrupt…no, they’re open. Salisbury intermittent opening. How do you keep a directory going?

  12. Valiant for Truth

    I’m no lawyer or accountant, but how can people who claim bankruptcy one minute as SSG, re-open a shop the next, presumably as ENC? (Does anyone know what these initials stand for?) How do they expect to stock the shop, get heat and light, phone lines etc when suppliers know who they are and the same suppliers are still owed money?

  13. Valiant for Truth, the Brewer’s live in cloud cuckoo land and some suppliers might be duped into following them. Then again, a supplier who was paid pro forma said the cheque went into the black hole called SSG’S debt.

    As to heat and light – at Durham they get it courtesy of Dean and Chapter. Durham has a phone line.

    At Chichester there is no phone line. The single full-time worker uses a moble and the PDQ is installed next to the computer. Anybody who wants to buy stuff and pay by card has to be taken to the office. Fine way to run a bookshop.

  14. “How do you keep a directory going?” Good question! My response was a generic notice against all entries warning people to phone ahead before visiting… led to some interesting correspondence… then a bit more correspondence… and I think we all know what came next… Cistern Disease, anyone??

  15. Valiant for Truth

    I suppose we do have some good news in that some landlords seem to be seeing sense. Cardiff would not let the Brewers take all of the fixtures and fittings; Norwich threw them out and are now letting decent, honest, experienced people re-open the shop; and Sheffield have locked the out! Perhaps some other landlords should think on this if they want to continue to receive their rents and do not wish to be associated with people of a dubious disposition.

  16. Thanks for the heads up about the Chichester phone number – have just tried to ring it and got number barred. In simple English they have been cut off. Does this affect any other shop?

  17. Cambridge still shut, empty shelves – ‘to lease’ notice still in window – also Norwich all locked up and very lonely looking last Saturday.

  18. Wesley Oweb staff very happy to serve anyone
    in the Cambridge area – can get books pretty
    quickly – amazon speed.

  19. This is part an article that appeared in the Diocesan Coracle (Truro. July edition. Might clear up the Truro question):
    ‘From the 1st of February this year the Truro branch was acquired by a Cornish company and is now a totally independent Christian Bookshop. “We value the support that customers have given us through the time of transition. The shop is not a franchise of St Stephen the Great but rather we are a fully independent bookshop with our own intentions”, says Sophia Hawkes of the newly named Truro Christian Bookshop. “We have every intention of continuing to serve the Christian community of Cornwall…….”‘
    Who this company is we have no idea but the shop seems to be O.K and still a happy place to visit!

  20. Chester SPCK was open on Saurday 9th August. All stock at half price, second hand books in the window display. Two new (to me) staff.

  21. Truro: interesting. Here’s what’s No. 4 in a Google search for Truro Christian Bookshop today:

    Third Space Books – Truro
    Truro Christian Bookshop is the oldest and largest Christian bookshop in Cornwall, and claims to be the oldest retail business in Truro, … content&task=view&id=18

    Top of the page says “Friday, 01 February 2008” but bottom of the page says “Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 July 2008 )” … which is the date J Mark Brewer sent Dave Walker’s C&D notice (mine was the day before) …

    ‘Third Space Books’ is, of course, SSG’s online trading name…

  22. Phelim McIntyre

    Phil – also noticed what Third Space/SSG’s site says about Truro. But then it claims ownership of other shops which may be independent, for example it still claims Leicester!

    I notice on the Third Space site that it claims to have a bookshop at the church in Poole and the church in Manningham, Bradford.

  23. Isn’t this the same church in Poole which walked away from SSG last year? Or did just the congregation leave, but they’ve still got the building?

  24. The York shop currently opens about 3 days a week (Thu-Sat I think). The last time I was in (some months ago), there was a single member of staff alternating shifts with one temp. Book stocks were very low. There is a card stuck to the glass door reading “When a door shuts, a window opens somewhere else” – someone there has a sense of humour.

  25. I’ve been past the Chester shop for two weeks now on the Friday and Saturdays its supposed to be open and it has been closed.

  26. David : the English-language congregation in Poole which belongs to the Patriachate of Antioch left and now worships elsewhere. Not surprisingly they resented Brewer trying to force them to change jurisdiction. SSG Charitable Trust owns the building of the former St Osmond’s Church and it is used by a Romanian congregation served by a visiting priest – how frequently, I do not know. The SSG website claims the services are all in English but that would be surprising if the priest and people are all Romanian.

  27. Valient for the Truth
    ENC , I understood stood for Exeter,Norwich and Canterbury (or Cambridge…..cant quite remember which…)

  28. Sadly I still maintain that ENC stands for Everyone’s Nightmare Continues.

  29. Dave’s shop round-up from earlier in the year has been masterfully reposted here: Former SPCK Shop Roundup. I think that site is probably the best reinstatement of Dave’s posts out there, albeit without the comments…

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  31. Have compiled a roundup of new shops rising from the ashes of SPCK/SSG’s demise: Phoenix Rising. News of any others always welcome…

  32. on the truro front –
    Sophia Hawkes would seem to be attached to the orthodox church of Archangel Michael & St, Piran – part of the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain.

  33. Let’s hope & pray she’s more orthodox than the Brewers have shown themselves to be!!

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