Daily Archives: August 19, 2008

Going for Gold with Google

If getting to the top of Google’s search results was an Olympic sport, here’s how we’d be doing with three important search queries on google.com this week:

Google Search: Brewer and Pritchard

Matt Wardman comes in a close 5th with his Category: brewer and pritchard whilst Elizaphanian (Sam Norton) comes in at No. 6 position with Unbelievable allegations about J Mark Brewer of BPLaw (Brewer and Pritchard)You’re winning on this one, Mark, but I dare say it’s getting a bit close for comfort…

Google Search: J Mark Brewer

The Revd Dr Christian Troll of GAFCON fame takes 4th place with JMark Brewer: Still Seeking to Serve Dave Walker, my J Mark Brewer, I Salute You. Briefly takes 5th place and J Mark Brewer himself comes in 7th place courtesy of lawyers.com. His personal profile at Brewer and Pritchard (bplaw.com) comes in somewhere towards the bottom of the second page: it’s worth checking out — apparently one of his primary areas of practice is employment. Sorry to have to say it, Mark, but you’re distinctly outclassed on this one.

Google Search: SPCK SSG

Ministry of Truth comes in 4th place with SSG/SPCK motion to dismiss chapter 7 application whilst UKCBD: The Christian Bookshops Blog takes 5th place with SPCK/SSG News Archives followed by the Orthodox Wiki at No. 6 with St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust. I gave up on finding any official SSG websites after the fourth page of search results…

Overall I’d say we’re in a fairly respectable position: congratulations to all concerned! And congratulations, of course, to everyone on Team GB in Beijing for putting on such an amazing and truly Olympian performance so far!

Hat tip and thanks to episcopalian whose posts listed below (most recent first) inspired this post: