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Cartoon Competition

Cease and Desist!

Cease and Desist!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. I figured it’s time for some light relief: our Dave is a cartoonist, so what could be more fitting than a Cartoon Competition?

Here’s the scenario: you’ve just come back from holiday (I wonder who that might be) and you find someone’s slapped your toilet with a “Cistern Disease: Do Not Flush” notice. Do you:

  1. Wait a while, keep your legs crossed and hope the smell doesn’t get too bad?
  2. Call a plumber and get a new loo fitted?
  3. Nip next door and use the neighbour’s?
  4. Call in the professional toilet cleaners?
  5. Lift the lid and flush it away regardless?

I’m sure you can think of some other possibilities. Get drawing, people: I want to see how this one pans out!!

ASBO Jesus :: asingleblog :: lingamish :: and all you other arty types: your call! Hey, there might even be a prize: still working on that one; but what better prize than to know that you’ve contributed to the final destruction of the dreaded C&D notice??

Post your cartoon on your own blog and leave a comment here to let me know, please.

Can’t draw? No worries: borrow one of these photos and do something appropriate with it in your photo editing package…

Competition closes when we get an entry from Dave Walker!

A Case Study
Cease and Desist Letters, and a Case Study from Brewer and Pritchard P.C. (bplaw.com)

Where Next?
If you’ve received a C&D, before you flush it away, consider submitting it to the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse. That’s where mine have gone now…

Just One Entry So Far…

Cistern Disease

Cistern Disease