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More Letters for J Mark Brewer

Today we present two letters for Mark Brewer, both submitted as comments over the weekend:

From Revd Eric:

Dear Mr Brewer,

This is neither to be defamatory nor vile. I must simply remind you that in February of this year you failed to attend a meeting that you arranged with my wife, among others. You did not attempt to contact her or any of the other participants instead you chose to be in Cambridge and on the television. I spoke to you at the Cambridge shop to acertain your presence there.

How can you complain of the vile and defamatory language, which I confess I have failed to spot, when your own rudeness is so noticeable and hurtful. I hope to meet you again at my wife’s tribunal hearing and, of course, I continue to pray for you and the booksellers who once so faithfully served the Lord through their commitment to their customers.

Yours in Christ,


From Pauline Edwards:

Mr Brewer,

Could you tell me please, why you told a fellow worker, that there job was safe, and it was o.k. to take there first mortgage out to buy a house. The fellow worker trusted you, after asking you a few times. That fellow worker has took the biggest debt ever, on your assurance, and was only in there new home 2 days, when they were sacked by email, and left this person with no wages to pay there first mortage payment.

Does this ring a bell Mr Brewer?

Since Mark has demanded the removal of https://spckssg.wordpress.com/tag/mark-brewer/ (which now includes this page) I guess we can be fairly confident that he’s spotted them by now. Mark’s good friend and mentor, the Revd Doctor Christian Troll, has seen them and graciously cited them on his site, but he says Mark hasn’t paid his fees so I suspect he may not have forwarded them to him yet.

Pauline’s letter has also been picked up by Sam Norton, who asks, Does anyone else think this qualifies as “incompetence and injustice”? Not an unreasonable question. What say you, Mr Brewer? Is this how you treat your employees at Brewer & Pritchard? Or is it special treatment reserved for us Brits?

A Law Firm Devoted to Service. Apparently.

A Law Firm Devoted to Service. Apparently.

Nice. If anyone else would like to forward Eric and Pauline’s correspondence to these exceptionally well trained folk devoted to service, you’ll find a warm welcome to send in “any questions or comments you may have” on the company website, either by email or via a convenient online form.

Mark’s email address is also available courtesy of MadPriest but I’m not suggesting an all-out attack like MadPriest’s campaign, although I’ll admit I did find that rather amusing: just a few should be enough to make the point. This isn’t a game: we’re dealing with serious issues and I want Mark to know that we mean business: we don’t want him giving us the sort of silly response he’s been giving to MadPriest.

When you write, please remember to point out that these are open letters: they deserve an open response, preferably here.

Finally, if you’re concerned that Mark might put a confidentiality notice on his reply in an attempt to prevent you from sharing it here, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Feel free to invoke this site’s terms of use in your correspondence and please do let us know what replies, if any, you receive.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon, please, Mark: your comments are always welcome. 

Thank you.