The Dave Walker Reposts: An Index, with Comments

As another week draws to a close, I thought it would be useful to have a separate A – Z index of sites where Dave’s missing posts have been reinstated. Whilst the number of sites discussing and reporting the situation keeps on growing (eight pages currently returned by a Google blogsearch for incoming links to this site: thank you to all concerned), there seem to be relatively few that feature the actual missing posts and even less that feature the entire archive.

Apologies for any I’ve missed: please note them in the comments and I’ll add them to the index as soon as possible. For purposes of this index, the leading word ‘The’ is disregarded.

– Phil

6 responses to “The Dave Walker Reposts: An Index, with Comments

  1. There’s another ‘We are All Dave Walkers Now’ here:

    It has the usual June and July posts. Incidentally, there are 79 posts on Cease and Desist.

  2. Thanks, Stephen. ‘Cease and Desist’ notes updated and bunchofcrooks added to the index.

  3. There is an excellent article about Cease and Desist letters in this month’s PC Pro – it hasn’t appeared on their website yet, though.

  4. Thanks Eddie – I’ll look out for that.

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