Loose Ends and Missing Links

Phil Groom writes:

1. Loose Ends

Sometimes you can’t see the woods for the trees, which is why a while back I started compiling a master index, imaginatively entitled Index of Indexes.

This includes such things as links to all the Bookseller reports tagged SSG and an index of reports in Christian Marketplace magazine, last updated for the July issue. Keep your eyes peeled for the August issue, due to land on doormats any day now: I gather there may be two or three SSG stories coming up. Remember, if you’re a church leader, dead or alive, you can sign up for a year’s free subscription.

2. Missing Links

It’s come to my attention that a couple of blogs we’ve linked to, whose owners were commenting on and following the SPCK/SSG saga, have dropped out of the blogosphere:

  • Doug Chaplin has discontinued ‘MetaCatholic’ (metacatholic.co.uk) to blog as Clayboy instead, clayboy.co.uk.
  • Matt Wills ‘Chinablogger’ (mattwillschinablogger.blogspot.com) has vanished without trace.

Rather than remove the old links, I’ve decided to leave them in place as a matter of historical record: apologies to anyone who’s run into a 404 ‘Page not Found’ as a result. As far as I know there are no C&Ds involved in either case.

3. Tag Cloud

Finally, our tag cloud. “Why?” you ask. Because I felt like it:

3 responses to “Loose Ends and Missing Links

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  2. Valiant for Truth

    Thanks for this, Phil. Can tell you’re a book person because we all swear by indexes. I even hesitate to buy non-fiction if the book doesn’t have an index!

  3. What a forensic lot you book people are. No wonder Phil Brewer couldn’t cope. Remember he does just copy the back jacket comments on a book cover onto Third Space books and posts them as recommended reading. Given that Third Space Books no longer exists but is still on the webb I think I shall enquire how I might order a title from him.

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