Elizaphanian’s “Cease & Desist” from Mark Brewer

Dave Walker isn’t the only one who’s been harassed by Mark Brewer. But I think we all knew that anyway…

After seeking legal advice, Sam Norton (Elizaphanian) has now posted the full text of his correspondence with Mr Brewer here: My correspondence with J Mark Brewer

Pipped to the post again. Sigh. Do go read it…

Update: Mark Brewer has responded to Sam with an emphatic denial that Dave’s situation is anything to do with him:

Mr. Walker is in no way a victim of anything done or not done, said or not said by me. I have no idea what you are on about in saying such a thing. I cannot fathom your judgmental presumptiveness in telling me to apologize to him.

(Mark Brewer’s emphasis)

Sam’s courage and forthrightness in going public has — not surprisingly! — attracted plenty of attention from readers here in the UK and in the USA: here’s his comments page; again, do go read it…

Update 31/07/2008: Sam Norton Solidarity Posts

2 responses to “Elizaphanian’s “Cease & Desist” from Mark Brewer

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  2. Have just seen sam norton’s comments page- that’s ALOT of comments. good show!

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