Wesley Owen Update

Phil Groom writes:

I’ll make this brief, as I expect most of you are up to speed with the Wesley Owen situation. If you aren’t: essentially, the bubble burst on Friday afternoon, 18/12/2009, 5.35pm, when shop staff were notified that their shops were either going into administration (26 branches) or had been sold to CLC (6 branches) / Koorong (8 or 9 branches, plus the website and the brand name).

More info here, Wesley Owen: 26 Branches Enter Administration, Others Sold (Updated), where I’m also compiling a roundup of reports and blog reactions. Dave Walker has also posted on the Church Times blog, Wesley Owen Christian bookshops in administration, and David Green, aka wannabepriest, has posted some interesting reflections here: What now for Christian books in the UK?

Please keep all the staff affected in your prayers. If you live in a town with a branch of Wesley Owen, please call in and tell them you love them. Buy them a big box of chocs or a card or something. If you’re an ex-SPCK bookseller, please take this opportunity to give these guys the moral support you wish you’d had when it was your turn.

Sometime today we’re expecting an official press release. Please leave a comment with a link if you see it before I do…

4 responses to “Wesley Owen Update

  1. Great sympathy for the Wesley Owen staff losing jobs in the “festive” season.
    Sympathy also for the part-timers and casuals in forgotten Durham owed a month`s pay by Brewer. (see Asingleblog)
    But let`s not forget that first Christmas and its outcasts. There is comfort in the fact that the newborn baby who had to sleep in a feeding trough- and later flee to Egypt- knows what you are all going through.
    Perhaps extending the suggestion of prayer and pressies to the Durham shop – who are unwanted even by the Charities Commission would help their pat-timers and casuals to feel that they still exist after 2 years of mis-management and that they are not entirely forgotten this Christmas.
    Thanks by the way to Bridge Books Sunderland, who sent them Christmas greetings!

  2. No card or present can make up for the loss of a Christian bookshop or for the loss of jobs. Some bookshop staff will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and words can’t say anything. Nothing at all.

  3. I know.

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