Chichester Bookshop Reopens

Matt Wardman writes:

A crowd of 60-70 people squeezed into St Olav Christian bookstore at 10:00 am on Saturday 12 December for the opening service led by the Rural Dean for Chichester, Richard Hunt.  The picture shows the crowd beginning to gather, at about 9:55.

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11 responses to “Chichester Bookshop Reopens

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Lovely to see a shop full of potential customers and may they keep on shopping! Hear on the grapevine that publishers are being supportive – keep it up!

  2. Excellent news to brighten a wintry day 🙂

  3. Ezra called it an early Christmas gift. St. Olav’s blog brightens my day. It makes me believe that all things are possible.

  4. One of my friends commented on this picture,about how the books were all spine down, not spread out face like all the books in the Durham shop. St Olav’s you look like what a bookshop should. And can I be allowed to say one finger up to you Mr Phillip Winston Brewer.

  5. Does Justice get an asbo then? For the one finger thing?

  6. A bookshop full of books and customers…. What a wonderful picture!

  7. I look forward to visiting the shop in the next few days, what a wonderful sight and the picture is full of familiar faces of people who were customers when I was there.

  8. I just checked the SSG on the internet and found this wonderful bit of news . As a regular but out of town customer at the shop I was lost when it went . ( There was a sad moment before Christ mas when I had to go to on line to shop . Then this wonderful news ! As soon as the snow clears North St .hear I come . Well done Bradley and Co .

  9. Dorothy, it is so good to hear from the supporters of the Chichester Bookshop. Bradley and all those who have supported him have done so well. Allow the rest of us to feel a certain amount of pride.

  10. I think we are all uplifted, by what has happened in Chichester. Bradley will have all his old, and new customers, wanting to support the shop and his dedicated staff. No more an empty shop.

  11. Good article in today’s Times featuring St Olav’s: The call goes out to keep Jesus on the High Street

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