To all this blog’s friends and supporters, with best wishes for Christmas and the coming year (cross posted)

Phil Groom writes:

THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time during this past year to visit, comment, or otherwise contribute to either this or the UKCBD blog: it’s been an honour and a privilege working with you.

My gift to you all, a small token of my appreciation, is a goat, courtesy of Farm Africa. Rather than link to the video and risk overloading Farm Africa’s servers (a very real risk given the level of traffic the UKCBD blog has seen recently, especially over over the last month or so), I offer you a few screenshots:

Farm Africa Presents...

Farm Africa Presents... a goat!

... and a goat provides milk.

To all this blog's friends and supporters...

To find out more or to give your own goat, visit Farm Africa for yourself.

Christmas: to us, a child is born: to them, a goat is given. The child is born for them too, of course, for each and every one of us: born into poverty, forced to flee as a refugee, eventually returning to be rejected by his own. But somehow, in that process, setting us free.

There’s no magic, no fairy lights or tinsel on the Cross at the end of the story; but a glimmer of hope in an impossible-to-believe resurrection. I urge you: hold on to that hope. Many here feel broken, betrayed, bereft by what has taken place within our trade over the past year or so … the future remains uncertain, especially for those 26 (0r 27?) shops and their staff for whom there was no room at the Biblica inn and now unceremoniously wiped off the Wesley Owen map; and for those in the Durham Cathedral shop, left out in the cold by the Charity Commission.

And yet … and yet we see signs of hope, most recently in Chichester, where churches came together to save their local Christian bookshop. It can be done; and I hope and pray with you all that we will see more initiatives like this emerging over the coming year.

Grace and peace to you all,


21 responses to “To all this blog’s friends and supporters, with best wishes for Christmas and the coming year (cross posted)

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Happy Christmas to one and all, and bloggers and potential bloggers don’t give up heart in 2010 because right is might.

  2. Matt, VfT: as the first respondents, you get a link to the video. Coming direct to your inbox within the next minutes: Happy Christmas!

  3. Happy Christmas Phil, thankyou for fighting the good fight, may 2010 be a better year for everyone.

  4. I would like to thank everyone for there support, when I have felt complete despair at what Brewer Brothers have done ,and continue to do .My confidence is lifted because I read this blog . We all fight on with right on our side , as VFT said . Happy newyear bloggers x

  5. Aluta Continua Bloggers.

  6. In bocca al lupo per 2010.

  7. Ecky thump: what have you two been drinking??

  8. The struggle continues. Don’t ask me to translate Mousey.

  9. Valiant for Truth

    Mousey is wishing all of us Good Luck in 2010 and Mousey is right!

  10. Thank you Phil, and all, for perservering when many would have given up.
    God bless you.

  11. thanks for poppin by my blog, and for the christmas greetings, same to you πŸ™‚

    your support and encouragement in the last few months we have ‘connected’ via twitter and FB has been much appreciated – so thanks !

    belated merry christmas and a huge happy new year, may 2010 be one of abundant happiness πŸ™‚

    h x

  12. Thanks for introducing us to hmphz Phil. That’s a really nice blog.

  13. I would also like to thankyou Phil, for intrducing us to hmphz.

  14. How does one pronounce “hmphz”, and what does it mean?

    Is it a plural of the host of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, or a collective noun for camels, or something?

    • No idea about the pronunciation, Matt, but glad you asked … what with the camels, it reminds me of a story I wrote… [completely shameless self-promotion]

    • Phelim McIntyre

      Matt – having been to a recording of ISIHAC I can tell you that the plural for hosts is gum (Grumpy Old Men) since Humph went to give Gabriel trumpet lessons.

      • It’s “humpy bumpy camels” as in the Irish alligator song.

        • hello πŸ™‚

          i feel honoured that your pleased to have been introduced to me and my blog.

          as for how to pronounce hmphz … well, in my head its a ‘Hmm’ with phz added for extra sound effect



  15. Hi Phil

    Everyone at FARM-Africa would like to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. After coming across your blog post on my first day at work in 2010 I’m now sure that this is going to be a great year!

    Thanks for making a donation this Christmas, and for posting the screen shots of the FARM-Africa PRESENTs video for all of your readers to see.

    All the best

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