Analysis of Brewer and Pritchard plea, Jobs Board, Blog Stats: SPCK Update 15/9/2008

Matt Wardman writes:

More about the SPCK/SSG case:

  • Analysis of the Mark Brewer / Sanctions Motion and the Response.
  • 20,000 page views a month for the SPCK News Blog.
  • Adverts for Jobseekers and Vacancies
  • An SSG Employment Tribunal case study will be published at lunchtime.

The Okey-Dokey Hokey-Cokey

On Saturday I suggested that “Brewer and Pritchard plead mainly Guilty” to the charges in the Randy Williams Motion for Sanctions. David Keen says this is nonsense, and – after making like a legal Geek for rather a long time – says that a correct summary would be more like this:

It’s safe to say that Brewer denies all of the most damaging allegations, and admits to only what is already a fact in the public domain, and to making a mistake in bringing the case in the first place.

David’s Analysis summarised in figures:

  • Admission: 4 statements
  • Nearly Admitted: 1 statement
  • No comment: 4 statement
  • Denied or ignored: 21 statements

(Warning: these numbers are my slightly lighthearted summary; read the source if you intend to comment.)

There is a draft side-by-side comparison of the Motion for Sanctions and the Mark Brewer response here (130k PDF).

Blog Stats

During August we received (based on the statistics service) 20,000 page views. We are on track to repeat that figure in September. Here are the current traffic graphs, taken at midnight on September 14th:



My low opinion of “Page Views” is well known, but these represent definite page views by real people, are probably an underestimate due to some people having Javascript turned off, and currently we do not have “unique visitor” figures available anyway. We are working on that last point, and you may see a “Gostats” button soon.

Job ads and Job Seeker ads

We have launched a “jobs” page to help ex-SPCK staff find jobs, and help organisations looking for staff to find them from the pool. There’s no restriction on Current Staff, of course, but that would be at your own risk.

Job seekers can post their details for free.

The cost of an ad for a vacancy is £10 for a one month listing, and £25 for 3 months. The money will be passed as donations to the SPCK Booksellers’ Support Fund. £10 for a month for a highly targetted niche audience such as ours is excellent value. This blog is the news hub for everything to do with the SPCK/SSG case, and is read regularly by many current and ex-SPCK staff, and others interested in the case. The blog is updated daily, and is monitored by all the key players in the SPCK/SSG case and figures from the media.

There are full details on the Jobs page itself.

Employment Tribunals

We will be publishing an account from an ex-SPCK employee who reached a pre-Employment Tribunal agreement with SSG under the Brewers’ management at lunchtime.

4 responses to “Analysis of Brewer and Pritchard plea, Jobs Board, Blog Stats: SPCK Update 15/9/2008

  1. (yes, the same dyfrig whose comments are linked to by Randy Williams’ deposition).

    If case filing in the US is anything like the UK, what Brewer is doing is simply laying out his stall of how his case will generally go – quite often, you simply say “Defendant denies the insertion in paragraph 4 of the plaintiff’s case”, so that the court knows where the areas of dispute are. At this stage this look like a skeleton document – the full details of why Brewer disagrees will come later.

    As noted above, Brewer does admit that the action was wrong, to the extent that it was “ill-advised”, and shouldn’t have been brought. The question is whether Randy Williams is satisfied with getting him to admit that and taking the financial penalty, or wants to pursue the points of principle. Of course Brewer won’t admit to those points right now, partly because they come with further financial and professional sanction, but also because they would affect the ETs and any action the Charity Comms in England are thinking about.

    Speaking as a lawyer, his deposition is the right way to go about it. The trustee has to decide (based on his assessment of the strength of his case) whether to take it further than this and put it in front of a court.

    I’m very puzzled by one statement – I’m not sure a Director of a Company can legitimately claim to not know what the assets are, especially as it is the Directors who sign off on the Annual Report and Balance Sheet before it is presented to the AGM – admittedly, Saint Stephen the Great is so new (16th Feb 07) that no Accounts are yet due. However, to be acting properly as a Director Mr Brewer and is colleagues are legally obliged to submit accounts to Companies House of the state of their company at 16th Feb 08 by no later than 16th December this year. As they are 6 months overdue with their annual return (a simple piece of paper listing the names of the directors), it does not appear that they are very good at filing documents.

  2. Dyfrig

    A quick note to say thanks for the comment.


  3. The Exeter shop has been cleared of all stock (and more) today, the stock is (according to the removal men) bound for York. I will try and get pictures of the cleared shop tomorrow.

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