Staff Vacancy at BOOKS Plus, Gloucester

Nick Lord writes:

Dear Phil,

I worked at SPCK London for 3 years alongside Mark Spearing. After leaving last year I took up the post of Branch Manager of BOOKS Plus Christian Bookshop in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. I am now leaving this post.

I was wondering if it is possible, through the wonder of facebook, to let any people related to SPCK know that this job is now available. I am sure that there may well be a few ex-staff who might be looking for a job in a Christian Bookshop. I have very much enjoyed my time here and benefitted immensely from all that I learned during my time at SPCK.

If anyone would like any information they are welcome to email me: [email address removed as an anti-spam measure: see the BOOKS Plus website or contact Nick via facebook]

Best Wishes,

Nick Lord

2 responses to “Staff Vacancy at BOOKS Plus, Gloucester

  1. It’s good to know that this blog has been helpful to so many and that it is still being read.

  2. Thanks Nick

    Good luck for the future !

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