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Remembering Steve Jeynes

Today, Saturday June 27th, marks the anniversary of the death of Steve Jeynes: Steve Jeynes, RIP. Even now, one year later, that page remains the second most visited page on this blog, a powerful testimony to the man Steve was.

I find that I can do no better than to once again post the tribute left by Trevor Gibb, Director of Worcester City Mission:

Steve will be sadly missed

Steve was one of the first people I knew in Worcester when I moved here in 1989. As the manager of Icthus Christian Bookshop he was a lively, loving man with a passion for Christ and a heart for the lost. Steve did not just work in the Icthus bookshop he served in it. He saw his work as ministry and was used by God to pray for and witness to many, many people.

He took this zeal with him to the SPCK shop and saw his role there in the same way as as he saw his role at the Icthus shop, serving God by praying and witnessing. This was Steves passion. I am in no doubt that Steve is with the Lord he loved so much in his earthly journey

Steve Supported ALL the ministries in Worcester and was also committed to supporting the local churches.

Steve will be sadly missed by those who knew him. And he would be glad to know that so many are supporting Joy and the Children in prayer and concern.

Rest in peace mate your brother and fellow worker in Christ
Trevor Gibb
Director Worcester City Mission

A respectful silence may be the most fitting response this weekend, but this page will remain open for any who wish to post further tributes in memory of Steve…