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spckonline.com will NOT damage your computer!

The now reclaimed spckonline.com

The now reclaimed spckonline.com

Congratulations to SPCK’s Simon Kingston on at last wresting control of spckonline.com from the Brewer brothers: screenshot right.

Under the Brewer’s dire management the site had been allowed to become a haven for… well, whatever it was that caused Google to post warnings and refuse to provide direct links to the site: the message was simple — don’t go there: Google Warns Visitors: Beware spckonline.com

Simon has generously provided a link to thirdspacebooks.com, the Brewers’ current online enterprise. I’m not going to provide a link here though: to say the least, Third Space Books looks as disreputable as everything else we’ve become used to seeing from Phil and Mark Brewer. Visit Ben Gallagher’s Who Owns What? for more info…

My thanks to asingleblog and Stephen for their recent comments (1, 2) drawing my attention to this small but significant step in the right direction by SPCK; and again, congratulations to Simon: keep up the good work!