And so it ends? SSG “Dissolved 27/04/2010”

Phil Groom writes:

A lot of our traffic these days seems to come from people running searches for the phrase “proposal to strike off” for which we have the dubious honour of occupying Google’s top result slot in recognition of my post SSG at Companies House: “Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off”, posted back in January 2009.

I decided to check where things had got to with that proposal and discovered that the status for Saint Stephen the Great, Company No. 06110519, is now “Dissolved 27/04/2010” — which happens to be in the future as I write: evidently the new Dr Who is more powerful than we thought (aside: can’t help thinking the Brewers and SSG are rather like Dr Who’s Stone Angels: they only move when you blink). Screenshot of the record taken today, 25/04/2010:

Screenshot 25/04/2010: Companies House: Saint Stephen the Great: Dissolved 27/04/2010

Screenshot 25/04/2010, Companies House - Saint Stephen the Great, Status, Dissolved 27/04/2010

Of course, as my question mark in the title implies, the story hasn’t ended yet: the trading company may have been dissolved but SSGCT, the Saint Stephen the Great Charitable Trust, still exists under the auspices of the Charity Commission, as per my last post, and there are still plenty of other loose ends and unanswered questions, but I’ll leave those for another post…

12 responses to “And so it ends? SSG “Dissolved 27/04/2010”

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Interesting that the address given is the one for the Church the Brewers bought in Poole, and speaking of churches, one wonders what has happened to the two churches they purchased in Poole and Bradford, and what is happening with the shops the Interim Managers put up for sale.

  2. Thank you. It’s good to know that this whole sorry saga has not been forgotten.
    There are many still suffering.

    • … and sadly, I don’t think the Brewers’ departure means that we’ve quite seen the last of the bullying and intimidation that they set the standard for…

  3. Valiant for Truth

    The Brewers have been amongst the most dire duckers and divers known, and deliberately set out to spin a web which no-one could easily unravel. It is essential that all loose ends are tied up. This is partly so that no-one suffers again. They should be dealt with not just for the sake of the Christian church and the Christian book trade, but also to demonstrate that English law is not an ass, and that crooks and bullies are not welcome in British business. We’ve had enough hassle from the bankers! The Church must also be seen to care and be willing to take action. Many people have suffered and are still suffering, and many people have fought. let not that fight be forgotten.We are urged not to forget the soldiers in Afghanistan, and equally we must not forget workers and trade unions who fight for the right to observance of employment law, and human decency in the workplace. If, somehow, at the last stand people duck out of the fight, it would be as though all that has been done before has been cast aside. Martyrs fight for a cause.

  4. Took the trouble to ring the priest in Poole. Hope he will be able to protect his congregation if the Brewers do another runner. There are worshippers there. Can’t find a number for Bradford. The two church buildings were excluded from the remit of the Charities Commission if I remember correctly.

    As for the Brewer Web – those who got caught up in it with eyes wide open…well they can’t duck out can they?

  5. After following this blog with some interest let’s hope that that’s the last that we see of the Brewers!
    Thanks to you also Phil , for highlighting this awful tale, and to USDAW for supporting those Booksellers so wrongly treated.
    I’m sure that by standing strong and having USDAW behind them, the ex SSG staff at Durham will, like other USDAW members before them, know that they will win.

  6. Pax Vobiscum

    But have the Brewers really gone? They still haunt my dreams like twin Gollum’s chasing down their ‘precious’. It is still Phil B’s face I see when lifting weights in the morning (on the off-chance that I might meet him in the street). And it is still the mantra ‘the Brewer’s, the b*****ds’ I chant when I see another Christian publisher struggling and another Christian bookshop going to the wall.

    And how are the Durham staff coping – do they still need our support as they prepare to go to tribunal to get what is due to them from such slippery and unscrupulous characters?

    How are they coping with their new regime? Cathedral D & C’s are notoriously political animals not noted for their personnel or pastoral skills. Is all well with the new shop and is there anything the rest of us can do to encourage and uphold the staff?

  7. Malcolm Brown

    I’m on the sideline. I love that bookshop. My take – it will be a great bookshop. My further take – once that great shop has been established the present staff will be sacked for one reason or another.

  8. I agree with you Pax, re the Brewers!
    Also, you raise an interesting point.
    Everything seems quite on the Durham front at the moment? ( why aren’t we hearing anything?!)
    The staff, even rid of the B….s need our prayers and support.

  9. Valiant for Truth

    It’s High Noon this Thursday, 6th May, when the official opening of “The Shop at Durham Cathedral” takes place. So, if you’re in the area, go and put your cross on the ballot paper, then vote with your feet by visiting the Great Kitchen. You may be able to find someone who can answer the above questions, and anyway support the Staff – if you buy something that will really support them as it will pay their wages.

  10. Malcolm Brown

    I’m going to the official opening,

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