Future Secured for Christian Resources (former SPCK), Leicester

Phil Groom writes:

Not sure how this slipped under the radar last year, but it did. Good news, however, for the people of Leicester as the Bishop of Leicester has stepped into the breach following last year’s sad loss of Peter Hebden. The following notice was posted by the Leicester Diocesan news service on 16/12/2009:


Since the recent sad death of Peter Hebden, sole proprietor of Christian Resources Leicester, there has been some uncertainty regarding the future of this popular and successful business.

As a result of conversations with Revd Cynthia Hebden, Peter’s widow, the Bishop of Leicester is now happy to be able to announce the clear intention of the diocese to relocate Christian Resources Leicester within the new Centre to be established in the former grammar school premises next to Leicester Cathedral.

It is hoped that this new Centre will be open during autumn 2010 when, subject to due process, the full transfer of the business will take place.

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4 responses to “Future Secured for Christian Resources (former SPCK), Leicester

  1. Valiant for Truth

    I had heard rumours and it’s so good to have this confirmed. It will be a good memorial to the work Peter put in over a number of years, and the team will ensure a good ministry to Leicester Diocese and beyond.

  2. Good news and great that Peters work, and that of his team will continue.

  3. Chance of a plaque in the bookshop?

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