Finding Phil Brewer

Phil Groom writes:

A number of suppliers and other creditors have been in touch to say that Phil Brewer is not responding to emails or other business correspondence. That’s his prerogative, of course, and hardly surprising given his shameful record of business practice here in the UK. I remain completely astonished that despite knowing the facts about his abusive treatment of his employees and the utter contempt he has shown towards his business partners, the powers-that-be at Durham Cathedral continue to provide him with a foothold and safe haven from which to operate: he should be summarily evicted.

Be that as it may, however, here’s a summary of the contact information that I have for him. All of this is drawn from publicly available sources, largely from a simple Google search for Philip W Brewer. A search for his brother, J Mark Brewer, is similarly rewarding, but for today, let’s focus on finding Phil:

You’ll find more info, as well as a round up of creditors already paid, here:

So no more excuses: send the man a Christmas card today; and why not drop the powers-that-be at Durham Cathedral a line as well to tell them what you think of the ongoing situation there? A Christmas card for the beleaguered staff at the Cathedral bookshop might go down well too, come to think of it…

3 responses to “Finding Phil Brewer

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Phil Brewer is a bully. If he were a teacher, for example, treating pupils in the way he treats the staff in Durham and his previous shops, there would be a national outcry. People reading this Blog who have had no personal experience of this bullying cannot be expected to believe how bad it is. But, of course, it is verbal, one to one, so hard to prove. No way would it go in writing to be shown to a trade union or a tribunal. His brother has equal talents in this direction. He also has no business ability except in the area of dodging payments, including to the UK government. The shop in Durham, once described by an eminent University lecturer as the best theological bookshop in the world, now is more like Del Boy’s flat, a disgrace to a World Heritage Site. Are people afraid to challenge because Mark Brewer will wave his legal fist, or is the operation to remove the canker too costly? Short sighted and uncaring – loss of income and dignity through a shop which exhibits daily an obvious lack of concern, but more important, staff demoralised, bullied and uncared for.

  2. Thankyou VFT.

  3. Thanks for all the information Phil. Brewer’s book is hilarious. Here’s a puzzle: If the Durham Shop looks like Del Boy’s flat then he must be losing lots of money. Why is he still there or has he walked away? Is he using the name of Durham Cathedral in some other nefarious venture? Since the CC are only dealing with debts incurred before 2007, how will the Cathedral authorities recoup any money owed to them in the last two years? Brewer might, of course, owe them nothing at all but that would not be true to form. Brewer is always true to form.

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