Trick or Treat? Three Years Today

Phil Groom writes:

Came across this whilst revisiting last year’s Trustees Report & Accounts from SPCK (pdf – p.20, under ‘Exceptional Items’; scroll down to p. 22 in Google’s cached version), figured we shouldn’t let this third anniversary go by without marking it. Hadn’t thought much about it being Halloween before: trick or treat, anyone?

Transfer of Bookshops
On 30 October 2006, SPCK entered into an agreement with Saint Stephen the Great Charitable Trust (SSGCT), a registered charity (no. 1109008), for the creation of a new Christian Resources Group including the SPCK Bookshops in operation at that date. Under the terms of the agreement and in furtherance of its charitable purposes, SPCK transferred its Bookshops activities to SSGCT on 31 October 2006, including the transfer of certain freehold and leasehold properties, fixtures and fittings and stock. SPCK also agreed to grant leases to SSGCT, at peppercorn rents, on certain other freehold properties for a period of seven years, after which time they would be transferred to SSGCT if the SPCK Bookshops Group remained in operation on an agreed basis. From the date of completion, SSGCT became responsible for the trading activities of all bookshops continuing to trade under the ‘SPCK Bookshops’ name, which it had been agreed could be used by SSGCT under an annually renewable licence. The licence was withdrawn in November 2007 in view of their failure to abide by the terms of the agreement.

13 responses to “Trick or Treat? Three Years Today

  1. The only ones who got the treats were the Brewers. I’m reminded that Mousey said somewhere, that when the Brewer’s stepped in it was time to pull on a Mickey Mouse hat.

  2. Valiant for Truth

    One year on from November 2006, quite a number of staff had left the shops – bullied out of their employment. In October 2007, the entire staff of the Exeter shop walked out en masse and Carole Burrows was ejected from the Durham shop. Didn’t take the Brewers long to demonstrate ghoulish behaviour. From the Collect for All Saints Day “Grant us grace so to follow thy blessed Saints in all virtuous and godly living” – and the Brewers named their so called charity after a Saint?

  3. Actually VfT there are stronger words than “ghoulish behaviour” when it comes to the Brewer Brothers. I’m trying to be restrained. Like somebody from the States said, “They think they’re annointed.”

  4. Valiant for Truth

    OK, ASBO, thinking of “Pilgrim’s Progress” how about hobgoblin and foul fiend?

    • I had a peep at Phil Brewer’s online book. I don’t think that he has read “Pilgrim’s Progress”. He is too fixated with cars.

  5. It was Mickey Mouse socks actually, asbo, and – as nowhere in the Brewer prescribed `dress code` were socks mentioned, I took great plesure in wearing them while working for a Mickey Mouse outfit.
    Actually, do you remember the Brewers SELLING T shirts to some gullible STAFF. That was some trick!

  6. Only Durham left.
    The staff have my support and prayers – it must be near impossible trying to carry on and give a professional service to their customers with their limited resources?
    I wonder how much support the interim Managers are giving?
    Or, as the shop is within the Cathedral community, how much, pastoral care , if nothing
    else is being provided?

  7. Mousey, the last time I saw Phil Brewer he was wearing that T-shirt. I wish I could erase the image from my memory. Annie methinks the Durham Dean and Chapter are too embarrased to pop into the shop.

  8. Annie, some would say the staff are only Shop workers .

  9. Only Shop workers???

  10. Phelim McIntyre

    Considering Michael Perham is the Chairman of the Governing Body of SPCK and noticable by his silence over the SSGCT issue the fact that he is now a member of the House of Lords is definatly a trick more than a treat.

  11. Enough said Phelim. He was just a name penned onto the governing body because SPCK needs to look right. Those bishops lend their names to everything. Career cleric???

  12. Bishop Michael Perham ,was he not there to look after all of staff pensions, please correct me if I am wrong.

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