Tribunal Payouts Agreed

Phil Groom writes:

Negotiations between Usdaw and the Charity Commission’s Interim Manager to settle the Employment Tribunal claims of the former SPCK/SSG Bookshop employees have now been completed, with an agreement signed through ACAS.

The amounts being paid to Usdaw’s members are confidential for three months (negotiations with other claimants and creditors are believed to be still underway), but all Usdaw claimants have been notified and initial payments are expected to be made this week. Further payouts should follow after the sale of some of the charity’s assets by the Charity Commission.

Congratulations to all concerned and a massive round of applause and vote of thanks to Christine Peacock, Usdaw’s Senior Legal Assistant, and the rest of Usdaw’s legal team for all their efforts.

h/t asingleblog for this information… and after all the hassle and headaches I can’t believe I’m writing this so dispassionately: party time people!!

Party Time

11 responses to “Tribunal Payouts Agreed

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  2. Damn, I was looking for a cartoon.:-)

  3. As one of the 31 people who has been taking SSG et al. to Tribunal. I do not consider this matter to be concluded, therefore your congratultions on the ‘hassles being over’ I find to be a little previous.

    • Ah, someone reading between the lines again to find what isn’t there 😉

      I didn’t say the matter’s concluded or that the hassles are over: far from it; but a definite step in the right direction that certainly merits a little victory jig.

  4. Hey Minion2 – is a start. I know of people who have put their livelihoods at risk for those in the Tribunal Process. It has been a pretty thankless task.

  5. Pauline Edwards

    At last, some great news for a change, I keep popping back to see whats happening, and it looks like things are on the up for the ex workers and not the Brewers for a change, Good luck with your payouts xx

  6. What a breath of fresh air.

  7. And so say all of us, its a beginning,

  8. Valiant for Truth

    Congratulations USDAW on a major achievement! Let’s hope that all the other issues can be sorted quickly and satisfactorily, as people are still in difficulty.

  9. I have only this to say, “Game over Brewers”.

  10. True-ish. But while some are party-ing; in another part of this summer`s theme park the roller coaster is plunging downhill.

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