Third Space Books: A Visual History of Time

Phil Groom writes:

Like so many of the Brewers’ bizarre business dealings, Third Space Books were first brought to our attention by Dave Walker: Third Space Books – the new name for SSG?

I’ve been visiting the site every so often taking screenshots. Here they are in date order. Ignore any dates in the screenshots: the dates I’ve given are the dates on which the shots were taken — even as I write the date displayed on the welcome page is Wednesday, 30 January 2008 and the welcome message is “Wishing you a Blessed Lent and Easter”. Enough said: a picture paints a thousand words and it’s time to let them speak…

June 2008 – Spell check, anyone?

Leichester, 16/06/2008

Leichester, 16/06/2008

November 2008 – Any new messages?

Gmail Login, 21/11/2008

Gmail Login Page, 21/11/2008

December 2008 – Another spell check, anyone?

Worchester, 07/12/2008

Worchester, 07/12/2008

February 2009 – Let’s pretend. Not a screenshot this time, just our heroes faking it in Durham:

As advertised in the Middlesborough Diocesan Year Book 2009

As advertised in the Middlesborough Diocesan Year Book 2009

Looks like someone popped in for a tidy up but had problems with the calendar:

Shop Locations as at 10/02/2009

Shop Locations claimed as at 10/02/2009

August 2009 – the FAQ department seems to sum things up rather well, methinks:

There are no items to display - 08/08/2009

There are no items to display - 08/08/2009

OK, maybe two items. Backwards in time too. Have a blessed Lent and Easter, y’all!

And then there were two...

And then there were two. 09/08/2009 (h/t asingleblog)

Hmmm. Is that blending of the Stars and Stripes with the Union Jack allowed under international law? I guess it must be, knowing the Brewer’s legal team…

9 responses to “Third Space Books: A Visual History of Time

  1. Valiant for Truth

    This total inability to organise even a website, which can be done relatively easily, just goes to prove why the Brewers aka St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust, should never have, three years ago almost to the day, been seriously considered as suitable owners for a chain of Christian Bookshops owned by a 300 year old charity. Someone didn’t do their homework, so black marks and no gold stars.

  2. Let’s just say that the Brewer’s have lost the plot, if they ever had one that wasn’t a fleece (apologies to Gerald the sheep).

    Dave Walker asked about the reason for this webpage. The question should be repeated. Durham and Chichester are not Third Space Bookshops. Durham is Durham Cathedral Shop and Chichester (when you ring them) will say that it is St Stephen the Great Bookshop. Phil Brewer has to remain a fake to the last – as fake as Third Space Books.

    On the bright side – there are only two Brewer bookshops left to go. One (Durham) is virtually gone and we have no idea what is happening in Chichester. I for one would be happy to play the last post at the funeral. We could then bring down that stupid flag on Tird Space Books.

  3. Then again that flag might be perfectly OK. Give Phil Brewer a chance. He’s trying to:
    1) Show us how much he loves Britain.
    2) Show us that America is top of the pile –
    why else would the stars and stripes be
    above the union jack?
    3) Show us that he believes he has conquered
    bookselling in Britain.
    4) Show us that he is trying to design a new
    kind of orthodox cross.
    Take your pick. If he had taken the bottom left square across the stars he would have ended up with an X.

  4. VfT – strange how St Stephen’s Trust turns up on the sidebar. You are right. Somebody should have done their homework.

    • Again, the St Stephen Trust link in the sidebar is autogenerated by click-throughs: it goes to the original SSG press release from 20th October 2006, and for whatever reason, that’s where most people are going next at the moment.

      It’s worth reading if for no other reason than to appreciate the extent of Mark Brewer’s hypocrisy:

      “People in our stressful, modern age, care deeply about spirituality and long for a deeper faith. SPCK Bookshops will offer a primary solution to these questions of faith” said Mark Brewer, Chairman of Saint Stephen the Great Charitable Trust, in a press release accompanying the transaction. “SPCK will continue into its fourth century with its shops as places where all people, Christian or otherwise, are welcome and given the chance to widen their spiritual horizons.”

  5. Valiant for Truth

    Re supposed shop locations shown on the map as at February 2009, I don’t think the owners of the shops in Leicester and Norwich would agree.

  6. I thought that the SPCK wrested back its on-line page. Surely they have the ability to remove this ad.

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