Loose Ends and a Lost Cause?

Phil Groom writes:

1. Loose Ends from the Cartoon Competition: Two New Entries

First from Mousey:

From Mousey: There must be countless ways to sort your cistern

From Mousey: There must be countless ways to sort your cistern

Second from our photographer in Durham, a peek inside the abandoned Brewermobile. David Keen said the Brewers were left with no room for manoeuvre, but I can see — OK, let’s not go there. A precaution against swine flu, perhaps?

Phibreman strikes again: Inside the Brewermobile

Phibreman strikes again: Inside the Brewermobile

Thanks guys!

2. A Lost Cause?

OK, perhaps I am unduly pessimistic: perhaps someone does care. Be that as it may, somehow I missed this photo of the Winchester shop window from my last post, but it seems to sum up the state of the place most aptly:

Winchester - Who Cares?

Winchester's Shop Window - Who Cares?

16 responses to “Loose Ends and a Lost Cause?

  1. I haven’t had contact with Matt, but I bet he’s still out there somewhere !

  2. Who cares? I’m not the only one who cares. We know that the Brewers have to get out of Durham. We don’t know what is happening in Chichester. I will remain restless until the Tribunals have been settled and the Brewers are out of the bookselling business. As for the gifted shops…who knows. No doubt the SPCK are in talks with Peter Gotham.

  3. Valiant for Truth

    It’s great to have a laugh and thanks to all those who have done cartoons and come up with witty words. However, the Brewers are evil as anyone who has had personal dealings with them will acknowledge, and senior clergyman who once said perhaps they were misguided and lacking knowledge, no – the Brewers are unethical and amoral. Many of us will remain restless and angry until they are out of Britain, out of the book trade, and out of two UK church buildings. There is till a fight so anyone who cares, including past staff, should continue to fight for the cause, including making sure any information they have is passed to the Interim Managers and made public.

  4. Hang on a Godammed minute. Just googled “Cloister of St George” and it says account closed.

  5. Phil Brewer has been busy. Only Chichester and Durham on Turd Space.

  6. Forced honesty. He will not have done that willingly. My only guess is that the CC are breathing down his neck.

  7. VfT, totally agree with your comments!

  8. Valiant for Truth

    And we still don’t know how the Durham Shop will survive from now until 30 April 2010 with little stock now and not much cash flow from the Brewers. Plus, will the current Durham staff all get jobs in the new shop? And what’s happening in Chichester? Is the Diocese taking action against the Brewers? Still lots of loose ends and still lots to fight for – pensions, suppliers etc etc

  9. Far too many loose ends. One of them is guessing when the Durham and Chichester shops will be end up in the CC net. Another would be whether or not the SPCK are in conversation with the CC about the remaining freeholds. Another question is what happens to the stock that remains in those ENC/Third Space shops. Far too many questions.

  10. Valiant for Truth

    More questions – what is happening at Canterbury? Is it known whether PAYE, NI and VAT have been paid? And, if the CC are concerned with ALL assets, what happens to fixtures and fittings in Durham?

  11. Canterbury has slipped under the radar. No matter how impossible we should be able to get photos.

  12. Phelim McIntyre

    Am trying to get hold of a friend in the Canterbury area to see if they can give me some news.

  13. Way far too many loose ends. Way too many. The job is not done.

  14. asingleblog, far to many loose ends, we still have a long way to go.Justice for all .

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