Cistern Disease: Cartoon Competition Still Open

Phil Groom writes:

Remember this from last year?

Cistern Disease

Cistern Disease

The shops may be closed but the Cartoon Competition is still open, if anyone else is feeling creative. You never know, it might help Phil W & J Mark Brewer to loosen up a bit…

16 responses to “Cistern Disease: Cartoon Competition Still Open

  1. Class A drugs wouldn’t get those two to loosen up.

  2. Would a photo of the inside of Brewer’s car do? It tells you all you want to know about his Cease and Desist.

  3. Gerald had heard of Tird Space books, but recently found out it had gone down the pan!

  4. Gerald couldn’t read whether the sign on the door said ‘vacant’ or ‘engaged’. He longed for help but nobody would give him a decent assist.

  5. jacqui – have you got some material that hasn’t yet come into the public domain….?

  6. I sent it to the webmaster.

  7. I`ve sent
    `Countless ways to sort your Cistern`
    cartoon to webmaster, as well.

  8. Phelim McIntyre

    All I can think of is that all the C**P the Brewers had given out was coming back to haunt them.

  9. All the C**P the Brewers had given out – that is why they should not “loosen” up!

  10. All`s quiet on the Cistern Front….

  11. Valiant for Truth

    Good cartoon from Mousey on

  12. Thanks to Mousey and Jacqui for new pics which will appear here shortly. Have been away, left the blog on autopilot, just beginning to catch up with y’all…

  13. Welcome home.

  14. I’m appalled at my drawing of Gerald in that cartoon. Can I take it back? 🙂

  15. No.

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