Cease and Desist: One Year On

Phil Groom writes:

J Mark 'Bully Boy' Brewer

J Mark ‘Bully Boy’ Brewer

Where were you on July 21st 2008?

Whilst I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a date permanently etched in my memory, it’s a date I certainly won’t forget in a hurry: it’s the date J Mark ‘Bully Boy’ Brewer (shown right, screen grab from Fox News), Principal of Texas law firm, attorneys and counselors, Brewer and Pritchard PC,  issued the first of his now notorious ‘Cease and Desist’ messages, threatening me, my friends and my colleagues with legal action if we didn’t stop reporting on his abuse of his staff and his mismanagement of the former SPCK bookshops.

Of course, those weren’t the terms he used: he was — and sadly, still seems to be — a man in denial, a man who wanted to hide the evidence of his misdemeanours and was preparing the way for his equally notorious bankruptcy scam on the Texas courts.

His threats if I failed to comply with his demands were all-embracing:

If you do not do so; i.e., remove your websites by noon GMT July 22, 2008, I will seek an injunction against you, your colleagues, associates and companies.  I also will take legal action against each of you for damages for libel.  In that event, I will also subpoena all records relating to the persons whom you have allowed to post defamatory material on your website in order to add them as defendants.

Mark Brewer

Unfortunately for Mr Brewer but fortunately for me, I was on holiday at the time, without internet access. The first I knew of Brewer breathing threats (if not quite murder) against me was when my friend Clem Jackson, Editor of Christian Marketplace (CM) magazine, left a message on my mobile to tell me that he and Dave Walker had also been threatened. Since there was nothing I could do about it short of abandoning my holiday, which I wasn’t inclined to do, I phoned Clem back and left him a message to suggest that perhaps Mr Brewer needed a holiday too (OK, that’s the response I wish I’d made: honestly can’t remember what I really said).

Dave’s and CM‘s responses to Brewer’s threats are well documented: Dave took down his Save the SPCK posts, the offending report in CM was removed and my forthcoming column for CM — ironically enough, introducing this blog — was pulled at the last minute (please note that no criticism of either Clem or Dave is implied or intended in that observation). I, on the other hand, had the luxury of my holiday to reflect on what was going on, came back to see the groundswell of support for Dave, and decided — with the encouragement, help and support of friends too numerous to mention — to stand my ground. Two friends in particular stand out, however: David Keen and Matt Wardman — to them I am especially indebted.

I am glad that I did stand my ground and I take this opportunity to thank David, Matt and all my other blogging friends because now, one year later, we see the tables comprehensively turned on J Mark Brewer: the Charity Commission have taken over the St Stephen the Great Trust, have seen through the ‘ENC Shop Management Company’ scam and have seized control of the shops.

Wresting the shops from Brewer’s personal control, however, is but one part of the battle: former employees and many suppliers remain unpaid; and whilst the Charity Commission have seized control of the premises, photos taken in Winchester yesterday (watch this space) testify that they are not quite on top of the company correspondence.

For my own part, then, the fight goes on, for the same reasons I gave to the We Support Dave Walker facebook group back in August last year:

What’s this all about?
To me, the key things are:
• Justice for the (ex-)SPCK/SSG booksellers and unpaid suppliers
• The right to free speech
• Keeping information available

What do I hope to achieve?
• Payment of unpaid wages and invoices
• Honest reporting and open discussion
• Full reinstatement of Dave’s missing posts and comments

To conclude for today, however, a few links, including last year’s C&D discussions here, in date order as I eventually posted them:

The original C&D correspondence, in pdf:

  1. Demand to Cease and Desist 21st July 2008
  2. Second and Final Demand to Cease and Desist 22nd July 2008
  3. Please Remove this Web Page Immediately 22nd July 2008

An excerpt: the so-called ‘Legal Demand’ with the pages/links he wanted me to take down:

Legal Demand

I hereby demand that you cease and desist from doing any of these things any more. I specifically demand that you deactivate your webpages, websites and/or blogsites devoted to me, my brother, my family, SSG and/or SSGCT IMMEDIATELY. These include:

  1. https://spckssg.wordpress.com/tag/mark-brewer/
  2. www.unicorntreebooks.blogspot.com/
  3. http://www.christianmarketplace.org.uk/engine.cfm?i=45&cmid=4091 *
  4. http://www.christianbookshops.org.uk/news.htm#ssg060208 (Betrayed by the Brewers: Lies, Damned Lies and St Stephen the Great)
  5. http://www.christianbookshops.org.uk/spckdonate.htm (Support SPCK’s Booksellers, and the Phil Groom administered “fund”)

* Although the CM article was taken offline, it couldn’t be taken out of print: reproduced here: Breaking the Silence

For comparison: Cease and Desist: 6 Months On

16 responses to “Cease and Desist: One Year On

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  2. realalefanatic

    Well done for your tireless efforts in keeping us all updated on these events, Phil. It has been a fight worth fighting and although it’s not over yet, it’s good to see that things seem to be coming to a head.

  3. Valiant for Truth

    Thanks to you all for taking over the fight when Dave was so harshly dealt with. Despite the apparent silence from the Brewers (but perhaps dialogue is now lawyer to lawyer), the comment about Winchester above, coupled with the report about Canterbury, does make one wonder whether the Interim Managers are on top of things, and why, for example, Durham and Chichester are not included in the investigation. A year is a long time for people awaiting compenstaion and satisfaction.

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  5. One year on and we’re still left with the detritus (hopefully acceptable word?) of the Brewers.

    Maybe Winchester has not been dealt with yet because it was once a “franchise”. Let’s remember that the Brewer’s weaved many webs.

    I’m taking time to pause and thank Randy Williams for his role.

    • Winchester has the same Interim Manager’s notice on the door as we’ve seen elsewhere. Photos coming up within the next couple of days.

      Randy Williams: absolutely. Shame he didn’t come down a bit harder on Brewer, though.

  6. Salisbury has the same notice too. I didn’t have a camera though.

  7. Phelim McIntyre

    Durham and Chichester are “registered” in another country to ENC. So this could be the issue – the Interim manager having to work with yet another country’s laws.

  8. Durham and Chichester are “registered” in another country to ENC. So this could be the issue – the Interim manager having to work with yet another country’s laws.

    Yes. I think it is just that they are therefore outside the control of organisations to which the CC has access.


  9. ENC is registered in the United States according to Companies House.

  10. Phelim McIntyre

    Chichester and Durham are registered in Australia if I remember correctly. This could be the issue, court action has taken place in the US so the Brewers are on the back foot where ENC and SSG are concerned where as far as I am aware nothing has happened in Australia. I wouldn’t be surprised though, as both the UK and Australia are in the Commonwealth and the head of Australia is actually Queen Elizabeth that legal moves are happening to get the CC power to deal with Durham and Chichester.

  11. Valiant for Truth

    But, as mentioned on the blog before, the Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate posted on the wall in the Durham shop says “SSG”. So, SSG think they run the place. There are lots of assets in the Durham shop.

  12. >> There are lots of assets in the Durham shop.

    >Not least the staff: Dean and Chapter please take note!!

    And a certain number of assets without the “t” elsewhere


  13. Valiant for Truth

    Sadly, the staff in the Durham shop are still having to suffer the direct bullying of the Brewers and have to wait until May 2010 to be free of this, unless, of course, the Dean and Chapter step in.

  14. Well it took a while, but Brewer’s C&D letter has finally made it into the Chilling Effects warehouse: Christian Bookshop/Cease and Desist Letter

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