Durham: watching, waiting…

Phil Groom writes:

I confess that I’ve been rather slow about this, but simply to let all visitors know that the Durham Petition is now formally closed. I have updated the petition text with the following introduction:

Following an announcement made by Durham Cathedral on Friday, May 1st, 2009, that “the current operators and occupiers of Durham Cathedral Shop” — ie, the Brewers — have been given one year’s notice to quit, this petition is now closed.

THANK YOU to everyone who has signed it. The story is far from over, however, and the future of the current bookshop employees remains unclear. Please keep them as well as the Dean and Chapter in your prayers as they seek a way forward that will provide justice for all concerned.

Updates will be posted on the SPCK/SSG Blog as and when new information emerges.

Although officially closed, I am leaving the petition in place as a matter of historical record. In the meantime, we watch, and wait.

To the Durham shop staff: I salute you.

10 responses to “Durham: watching, waiting…

  1. NEWSFLASH!!! The brewers have closed down 2 shops today, Chester being one. No confirmation yet on the other location. Watch this space.

  2. Quick, tag the stock. Good day to bury bad news?

  3. The Brewers? Are they in a position to do that? Or is this the CC taking action?

  4. asingleblog, it might be Salisbury thats closed as well. The staff most likely will have been told by the agency your sacked. It seems never ending the pain and suffering of those who work for the Brewer Management.

  5. Phil , it just might be CC taking action. If the Chester shop has been closed, I am sure thats where all personal details were kept of all staff.

  6. I will check Salisbury tomorrow – although to be honest it will make little difference to the trading possibilities of the store anyway as it was never open.

    Just a quick thought… do the CC have any way they can pursue the B****** for what they have stolen from the rightful owners of the stock, the missing pension and salary monies, and the legal fees necessary to recover such funds?

  7. Unconfirmed report – Brewer funds frozen, incl money from Exeter shop sale. All I know for now. All but 2 shops closed.

  8. I understand that all shops run by agency staff (all expect Chichester and Durham)are now closed with keys to be handed into the agency…..

  9. I’ve also heard that the agency hasn’t been paid….

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