What is happening with the shops?

Phelim McIntyre writes:

OK – we have had movement with the SSG saga but I was asked a question by Clem Jackson of Christian Marketplace as to the number of shops still operating. The list on the Thirdspace website is as follows: Bradford, Canterbury, Chester, Chichester, Durham, Hereford, Manningham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Poole, Salisbury, Truro, Winchester, Worcester, York. This list (though updated in January according to the website) is really inaccurate. So over to you – what is the latest at each shop if anything? Durham, Chichester, Chester are still open. Is the shop in the Bradford area actually the Bradford shop or the one in the church in Manningham?

16 responses to “What is happening with the shops?

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Bradford shop on North Parade, the original SPCK shop is still open, whereas the “Manningham” shop is in the church (St Mary Magdalen) purchased by the Brewers and is probably just a handful of books available when the church is open which is probably hardly ever. I suspect it is excatly the same with Poole as that is the church again. I understood the shops in Truro and Hereford were now independent. The others, apart from Chichester and Durham under their own banners, are open P/T under the ENC banner.

  2. My understanding is that Truro & Hereford are semi-independent: the Brewers still own the buildings but have ‘let’ them to tenants.

    They’re still on the current Third Space Bookshops map.

  3. yorkshire pride

    I was in Chester today and noticed they are applying for staff.Is this approved by the interim manager?

  4. Valiant for Truth

    Re Truro see Jan’s post on this blog on 11 August stating Truro is independent and not a franchise of SSG.

  5. Salisbury is supposedly still open although I have not seen it so for a while.

    Don’t care really – I go to SWELLS bookshop for my stuff now.

  6. Right ok, forgive me if I’ve missed something here, but what effect does this whole c/c-tribunal action have on ENC Management ltd? What is happening to the staff still employed there?

  7. The ENC Shop Management Co. employs staff via an employment agency. As far as the Brewers are concerned, they are just bodies in shops. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

  8. Valiant for Truth

    Yes, I’ve been wondering what the interim managers can do, but wonder if they, like everyone else, but in their case with more legal clout, will prove the links ie the Brewers, between all of the charities/companies and just deal with everything en masse.

  9. The shop in Leicester still exists but is now independent I think (staff bought is what I beleive happened -looks and feels much the same though!)

  10. mattwardman2000

    >Right ok, forgive me if I’ve missed something here, but what effect does this whole c/c-tribunal action have on ENC Management ltd? What is happening to the staff still employed there?

    As I understand it, none unless some legal action or other history – e.g., recovery of illegally transferred stock, or unpaid debt documnted in the fraudulent bankruptcy attempt – creates a dependency. This will require some considerable untangling.

    There was an echo somewhere of SSG having paid some employee costs on behalf of another entity.

  11. mattwardman2000

    Leicester – if you mean the “Christian Resources” run by the new team – will tell you very firmly that they are their own operation 🙂

  12. Coincidentally, I visited the Winchester shop today. It appears to be run p/t under ENC by an rather defensive agency-type person. Like the others, the shop is unloved, unvisited and sad – inside and out. I preferred to spend my money at the excellent s/hand ‘shop’ at the Deanery 🙂

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