Bishop Alan Wilson: “a learning experience…”

Phil Groom writes:

Today, I’d like to highlight a comment left by Bishop Alan Wilson on David Keen’s blog:

The whole Brewer thing has been a learning experience for us all about the dangers in selling off bits of the family silver without checking that the people to whom it goes have the character or competence to handle it. These things call for light, not a conspiracy of darkness and silence…

My thanks to both David and the Bishop for helping to keep a little light shining in this dark and wearisome situation.

6 responses to “Bishop Alan Wilson: “a learning experience…”

  1. Statement given to Durham diocese forums today – had this via a friend on facebook:

    The following statement has been made today (1st May 2009) by the Chapter of Durham Cathedral

    “Durham Cathedral has today served notice under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 on the current operators and occupiers of Durham Cathedral Shop requiring them to vacate the premises on 30th April 2010. A new Cathedral Shop under the Cathedral’s management will open on 1st May 2010 opposite the Undercroft Restaurant where, with the restaurant, it will provide a focus for visitor facilities.

    To enable the necessary work for the relocation of the shop, the exhibition in the Treasures will close at the end of 2009. A new exhibition will reopen in the Claustral buildings at a date to be announced.”

    Background Information:

    The Chapter of Durham Cathedral has announced plans for the first phase of a programme of improvements to its facilities for visitors. This was included as a commitment in the Cathedral’s Development Plan which was launched last year.

    In the first phase, the Cathedral Shop will be relocated from the Great Kitchen to the area presently occupied by the Treasures where, with the Undercroft Restaurant, it will provide a focus for visitor facilities and can include space for the Friends of Durham Cathedral and the Durham Cathedral Choir Association. The new shop will open, under the Cathedral’s management, on 1st May 2010.

    To enable the necessary work for the relocation of the shop, the Treasures will close at the end of 2009. The Cathedral is working with the University on a feasibility study for their respective visitor facilities in the Cathedral and University buildings on the Durham peninsula. This will also take account of other visitor initiatives in the World Heritage Site.

    This project has a high priority in the Cathedral’s Development Plan and includes a review of all the Cathedral’s existing visitor attractions. Details of the new exhibition, which will focus on Cuthbert, Bede and the Cathedral’s Benedictine heritage, will be announced later. Public access to the Great Kitchen will continue whilst the new initiatives are developed so that its historical architecture can be appreciated.

    The Chapter will make further announcements as the plans progress but no further statement will be made at present.

    ‘Result’, as they say.

  2. Valiant for Truth

    Yes, some light at the end of the tunnel, and what many anticipated might happen having read about Cathedral developments, but some questions still remain. How will the staff be treated by the Brewers for the next year? Will the Brewers put any money into the shop for the next year? The new location, if shared with the Friends and DCCA, will possibly mean less space for books, and possibly fewer staff required, unless another shop is opened on Palace Green. And so on. Lot’s of prayer, please, for all concerned in this major change.

  3. Press release issued by Phil Groom and Matt Wardman just posted on my blog – Matt’s site is a bit slow loading at the moment, and Phil must be down with swine flu, or ‘novel flu’ as the EC wants to rebrand it – apparently you get it from books 😉

  4. Didn’t know how else to get ‘Brewers evicted from Durham Cathedral Bookshop’ onto the front page of this site whilst Phil is enjoying his Bank Holiday weekend, so we’ll see how this comes out in the sidebar!

  5. Typical. Go offline for a few days and the biggest development in the story breaks. Last time was when I went on holiday in July last year and Mr J Mark ‘Bully Boy’ Brewer started firing off his infamous C&D notices.

    At least this time the boot’s on the other foot and it’s Brewer on the receiving end.

    Online courtesy of a friend just now, don’t have my passwords available to log in and update the front page: will do so within the next few days.

  6. Just want to thank you Phil for your perseverance with this site. Your strong desire to see justice done is highly commendable.

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