J Mark Brewer’s Declared Debts

Phil Groom writes:

Courtesy of Ministry of Truth, this information entered the public domain not long after Brewer himself submitted it as part of last year’s failed bankruptcy filing. Matt Wardman posted some analysis of the situation in December 2008, but as far as I’m aware, the actual schedule of debts has not previously been transcribed to text. So here it is, creditors as named by Brewer in his submissions to the Texas Bankruptcy Court dated June 19, 2008, sorted by amount due.

Please note that this list is not complete: it only includes the creditors listed on the initial Statement of Financial Affairs (pdf, 1.2 MB) — the Amended Schedule E & F (pdf, 1.9 MB), Schedule F Continuation (pdf, 1.7 MB),  Schedule F Continuation 1 (pdf, 132 KB) and Schedule F Continuation 2 + Schedule G (pdf, 3.8 MB) run to 111 pages listing scores of other creditors with a total stated debt of $1,624,258.11.

  • Creditor: Amount Owed
  • Orthodox Christian Mission Fund: $494,097.56
  • HM Revenue & Customs – VAT: $62,824.74
  • HM Revenue & Customs – VAT: $57,615.60
  • Brewer & Pritchard, P.C.: $56,694.98
  • Employees of SSTG LLC c/o Moorepay: $52,886.06
  • Marston Book Services: $48,138.20
  • St Andrew’s Bookshop: $40,118.76
  • STL Wholesale: $38,211.13
  • Booksolve Computer: $36,955.57
  • Charles Farris Ltd: $31,048.73
  • Network Business Call: $28,294.07
  • Cocoabean (Oriel) : $4,770.75
  • BT-One Bill: $3,712.77
  • Subtotal for these Creditors: $955,360.92

The ‘Orthodox Christian Mission Fund’ — to whom the largest amount due was declared — is Brewer’s own organisation (described by him as ‘our “sister” charity’). Quite how Brewer could run up a debt just shy of half a million dollars to his own organisation — alongside a further $57k to his own company, Brewer & Pritchard, (4th largest debt) — remains something of a mystery.

Rumour has it that Booksolve have been paid. If any others beyond those identified earlier this month have been paid, they’re keeping quiet about it.

5 responses to “J Mark Brewer’s Declared Debts

  1. The decorator at Salisbury is quiet too.

  2. That ‘Orthodox Christian Mission Fund’ has always done my head in. I cannot find any record of their income and expenditure. Do they have an equivalent of the Charities Commission in America?

    • Here’s the full quote from Brewer’s letter touting for “missionaries” to help run the shops:

      Our “sister” charity in the United States, The Orthodox Christian Mission Fund of Houston, Texas is tax-exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax-deductible donations may be made to defray the costs of travel to England for this missionary project, and if made for that purpose, should be so earmarked. Of course, tax-payers should always consult their own tax-professional or other service provider for advice on tax-deductibility issues.

      … which seems to imply that USA does have some sort of Charity Commission equivalent…

      A bit more info at taxexemptworld.com, which specifically identifies “Brewer J Mark Ttee” as “Secondary Name (another name under which this nonprofit organization does business…)”.

  3. Is Ttee “Terrible Texan Exploiting England” by any chance?

  4. Seeing that creditor list, has cheered me up, makes the oustanding invoices for our 3 shops, seem miniscule, by comparison! But it also makes us realise, why suppliers are chasing us, so much for small amounts. When they are owed so much by one orginisation, with little hope of receiving payment, they must be desperate for cash, especially in these hard times.

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