One Year On: Bristol, Cardiff and Carlisle

Phil Groom writes:

Today, March 27th 2009, marks exactly one year on from the day Dave Walker posted about the closure of the former SPCK bookshops in Bristol, Cardiff and Carlisle, courtesy of J Mark Brewer. I hear the sound of one hand clapping: J Mark Brewer, we applaud you; but we’ll leave it to your brother Phil to affirm you.

Of those three shops, only Cardiff has been saved, and that no thanks to Mr Brewer.

Dave’s full post reposted below, retrieved from ‘Cease and Desist‘:

Bristol, Cardiff and Carlisle SSG / SPCK shops to close
Several people have posted in the comment thread below about the closure of the Bristol and Cardiff SSG (former SPCK) bookshops.

This from Richard:

SPCK Bristol has closed for good. I walked past the shop this lunch time, went up to the door to read the sign and saw Mr Phil Brewer peering out at me. He waved heartily, I waved heartily and then I moved on. Rapidly. No point in having a conversation. Nothing really to say. Well, not that would be constructive. The shop was being packed up and that’s an end to it all in Bristol.

The keys were left with Wesley Owen over the weekend and when Mr Brewer went to pick them up I gather he mentioned that there was no intention to open up in Bristol again. That may or may not be true.

What a sad end to nearly 200 years of Christian bookselling by SPCK in Bristol.

I am told that the Cardiff shop is to close on Monday. Cardiff was the only SSG shop in Wales.

Update (Thursday 27th 9.30am) : The forthcoming closure of the Carlisle shop on Monday the 31st March has also been confirmed.

Update (Monday 31st) : News and Star: Cathedral bookshop to close


4 responses to “One Year On: Bristol, Cardiff and Carlisle

  1. What a difference a ‘year’ makes! From taking a leap of faith, financial backing from the URC & Church in Wales, gaining the trust of our suppliers, customer support of our “partner church scheme” and sheer hard work and determination from the directors and staff we continue to move forward in serving the ecumenical community of Wales( and over the border into England! ) Sorry if that sounds too much like an annual report, but it shows what can be achieved, especially when the shop is housed within a church building ( Durham, I pray that you’ll take that ‘leap of faith’ yourself)
    If anyone is visiting South Wales please pop in to see us. Finally, just to want say that we do still think and pray for the staff still suffering from the Brewers handiwork.

  2. Valiant for Truth

    Thank God that some have survived – well done Ruth and Co, and the others like Steve in Norwich. It’s so sad that staff from all of the closed shops had to struggle to find alternative employment. Interesting that the Brewers have kept the freehold shops open, obviously as a part of the greater plan some years down the line. But they cannot possibly be getting enough income from the shops that are open to be covering costs.

  3. Thanks Ruth for taking time out to post on this blog.

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