Brewer Enterprises: Affirm Yourself

Phil Groom writes:

Just repeat it to yourself often enough and you’ll be fine. Who knows, you might even convince the neighbours

Brewer Enterprises - How the West Was Won

Screenshot, 26th March 2009 - Brewer Enterprises - How the West Was Won

Competition time: what is a CAM? Best suggestion is a winner! Which you are, of course…


28 responses to “Brewer Enterprises: Affirm Yourself

  1. I can’t tell how many times I’ve warned that Phil Brewer is strange.

  2. Wonderful!
    I love the Lucas/ walliams sketch”…!
    Hadn’t realized that the brewers were their new comic muse….
    It is a joke….. Isn’t it…?

  3. Annie I don’t know what you found. I love the one which says, “every organ in my body is sound”.

  4. A CAM is when you focus on the Brewers. Lame I know.

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  7. They’ve been pushing crap like this since at least 1997, when we got into the Amway business in their downline!

  8. What’s the Amway business?

  9. Phil the de-Moted hater

    You`re a sinner.
    You`re a hate-breeder.
    You`re a dog`s dinner.
    You`re a right demotivater – well cussed.
    You fleece God`s charities;
    bleed the lifeblood from the poor.
    Your business is in chronic shape –
    most of its suppliers are owed money.
    Every shop still alive in your chain suffers your mismanagement.
    The staff are listless,
    worn down by worry, depression,
    your sheer lack of care.
    You are a shitehawk.
    Am/ll ways out – you should be banned.

  10. Phelim McIntyre

    For details of Amway see here:

  11. Wish Rachel would tell us more. Seems like Amway is a bit like Tupperware!

  12. Rachel , can you tell us more I am intrigued, by what you are saying about the Amway buisness. Have you worked for the Brewers.

  13. First, asingleblog, Amway really isn’t like Tupperware – at least with them, you get nice products that last forever! We were in the Amway business from 1997 to 2000, when Phil “blew out” our sponsors by refusing to return their ticket money for a function they could not attend due to illness – and there were other people to whom he could have sold the tickets. There were other reasons, but for them, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Then our sponsor read “Amway – Behind the Smoke and Mirrors” and then gave it to us, and we realized it was really like a cult that takes advantage of idealistic people who just want to help others. The Brewers (and Beth was a big part of the business) pushed book, tape, and ticket sales far more than they encouraged retail sales because, as Phil told one of our downline (which blew HIM out), “That’s really where the money is!” We would go to Palm Springs in the summer, San Diego in December and Anaheim I think in the spring, all on credit cards except for the actual ticket price – that had to be paid in cash, of course! We did everything Phil told us to do and I “showed the plan”, and he always would say he would come show the plan for us but never did. He and Beth would always encourage everyone in the group to go to the “meeting after the meeting”, at a local restaurant, but for some reason neglected to mention that in return for bringing such a large group in, the restaurant would comp Phil and Beth’s food! There’s a lot more, but I don’t want to take up too much space.

  14. Oh my God! What else can I say?

  15. You could do a Google search for “Phil Brewer” Amway: completely bizarre.

    Inside the PhiBrous Brain: So the American Way doesn’t work. Let’s do a Scamway on the UK instead. Ride ‘im, cowboy! Yee-ha!!

  16. I’m almost afraid to do that search.

  17. Phil Groom you’re just having a laugh. That can’t be right. Phil Brewer is Pepe California. Nah – don’t believe it.

  18. Are you saying that Christian Troll was onto something when he wrote about Third Space Books? Still can’t believe it.

  19. As for Brewer Trucking. Well at least I know that the man cannot spell.

  20. Then Phil and Karen Brewer of Brewer Trucking got taken to court.Tell me this is not happening. Please.

  21. The Brewers have always trucked hogwash.

  22. The plot deepens, always new there was much more ,when will we ever see closure with these crooks.

  23. Valiant for Truth

    Sounds like a US version of “Only Fools And Horses” with Phil Boy up to one scam after another with things that fell off the back of a truck.

  24. Call me dumb if you wish. I find it difficult to believe how a man who peddles smut can be operating from Durham Cathedral Bookshop.

  25. Asingleblog, it appears the Brewer ‘s can do what they want.

  26. Rachel, thankyou for the information on Amway , how did you find out about our blog. I wonder how many more people out there have been took in by the Brewer’s .

  27. Phil, so sorry I missed you the other day, but I was told you had an audience with the Pope.

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