Amazon Seller Connection Discussion: Church bookshop with bad management

Phil Groom writes:

Have just discovered a rather interesting discussion on Amazon’s Seller Connection discussion boards: Church bookshop with bad management.

Do the world a favour: head on over there and join in!

3 responses to “Amazon Seller Connection Discussion: Church bookshop with bad management

  1. Just wanted to say… there seems to be a lot of trouble here with cease and desist orders from Brewer and information being removed… I recommend anything that Brewer might get heated up over is published on under a pseudonym and it would be out of their reach.

  2. Hi Indian Ocean and thanks. Don’t worry – this blog is backed up offline in more than one place so even if Brewer did somehow manage to block things here it would soon reappear elsewhere.

    Anyone who wants to is more than welcome to repost elsewhere as well.

  3. Indian Ocean we’ve all backed up.The Brewers will be exposed whatever they try to do. A Bed and Breakfast in a church that they claimed was rescuing Britain’s Christian Heritage because property developers were turning churches into flats?? Here’s another of Phil Brewer’s gimmicks. He drops a business card on some people he tries to impress. Has a picture of the globe on it. Called Brewer Enterprises at P.O Box 89633 Tuscan, AZ 85752-9633. E-mail address 520-906-6886. Don’t bother googling. It’s in Chinese.

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