Adjacent to the Grade II church of Saint Stephen the Great…

Phil Groom writes:

Is the whole SSG enterprise now set to become one big network of B&Bs run from Bountiful? Locations at Poole, Lincoln and Truro, apparently. With a name change to make it a tad more Brit friendly, naturally; and the coincidence of locations could, of course, be nothing more than that…

Google Search: Cloister of St George | Cloister of St George

Let’s hope someone’s consulted the rest of the neighbours…
Cloister of St George at Poole (Screenshot, 11/3/2009)

Cloister of St George at Poole (Screenshot, 11/3/2009)

15 responses to “Adjacent to the Grade II church of Saint Stephen the Great…

  1. Phelim McIntyre

    So what building does SSG own in Lincoln? Or are they going to try and turn part of the shop at Lincoln into a flat. They tried to do this at Winchester – even thought the building is grade 1 listed and they would have needed planning permission they told the then manager to go ahead and not bother them with legal details.

    But if they have acted in the manner of PB over his B+B at Tuscon, I bet this is the first any neighbour would have heard about this.

  2. Valiant for Truth

    Lots of spelling mistakes in the blurb (nothing new there) and charging £1,000 for six days for a one bedroomed flat!!! Couldn’t find it on the holiday lettings link – mind you perhaps I wasn’t looking very hard as I prefer to holiday elsewhere. Can’t quite work out where the holiday let is in relation to the Church.

  3. Looks like the rest of the neighbours are Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and a laundry. So hardly an ideal spot for a holiday. If they want to expand their B&B chain, my brother has one for sale which will fit their portfolio nicely, except there is no church next door.

  4. Can’t be the shop in Lincoln as I understand that has been emptied (well in the way brewers empty anything other than charitable coffers that is!) and there are two very large and prominent Landlords for Lease signs in the windows – prosective tenants have been viewing the landlords have said and the shop is available for immediate occupancy.

  5. VTF, the flat is pretty much IN the church on the left side of the altar.

    Unless anything has changed structually with exception of the bathroom, there’s a single wooden door dividing the church from the cloister. There’s a creepy cold stone stairway up to the high ceiling ‘bedroom’ (note…singular!), for the two double beds.

    It’s cold and lonely, there’s nobody else for 100 metres, and I stayed there for one night and it creeped me out completely.

  6. I’ve never seen such conflicting information in my life. Phil Brewer needs to read his stuff before he publishes. His web page says £1000 pounds a week whilst the holiday letting page has the highest figure of £500. As for the deposit if you want to take kids along – I’ve looked very hard for the antiques Phil B talks about. I take it you’re being mischievous Peter Kirk. If you want to keep your brother…

  7. My brother, who is not a practising Christian, might be quite happy to take the Brewers’ money and run. But then I guess he wouldn’t really want the thriving business he built up to go down the drain the way SPCK has. So I won’t recommend the sale.

  8. I wonder if John Northam can tell us if you have to access the flat via the church or is there a separate entrance. Also will the priest be responsible for making keys etc available.

  9. Phelim McIntyre

    ASBO – Notice that the flat is not available for the Saturday night. This could easily mean that you have to get the keys from the priest and then give them back to him on the Saturday for him to stay overnight for the next days service.

  10. Valiant for Truth

    Have they now got a priest as the one who was there left and took his congregation with him? Is the accommodation listed as residential with the local council?

  11. Now I’ve stopped laughing after reading the letting website – I’ll make a few comments. I’d say it is highly unlikely that any planning permission has been sought, therefore it also unlikely that any authority has checked out the premises as being suitable or up to standard for renting out ie no hot water heater, but you can use a kettle to boil enough water to sterilize utensils!!! Not to mention the fact that they boast having an LCD TV, BUT you can only play dvd’s on it. ie they aren’t prepared to pay for a tv licence and may not be permitted to put up a satellite dish on the church building in anycase.
    My favourite object in the flat is the statue of St George , standing on what appears to be a ‘blob’ of green but may well be a dragon! (quite probably a high class antique from the Far East)
    I look forward to what PB has planned for Truro and Lincoln!

  12. John N says that the flat was cold.
    From the website, it does appear that the heating is somewhat primitive, viz. a single 1kWradiant wall heater suitable for a 1960s suburban bathroom. Landlord’s Test Certificate, Mr B?

  13. asb, when I was there you had to walk through the front entrance of the church and to the far left corner. I don’t think PB would be bothered with putting in another entrance, too much paperwork! 😉

  14. Remember Lance Percival on TW3??

    I told the wife
    we`d be better off in (Black)Pool(e)
    with ONE bed per room.
    Not some cloistery brick tomb!

    It may be cool
    to have holidays in Pooh-oole
    I`d rather we
    stayed at home to watch TV.

    Who needs WiFi
    and an en-suite church close by-y?
    We`d have to pay
    for the knick-knacks the kids break.

    And Saturdays
    we`d be sleeping on the sand!
    One K per week?
    Nah! The laqndlord should be banned!

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