Poetic Justice for J Mark Brewer: Asset Stripper’s Assets Frozen

Phil Groom writes:

J Mark Brewer, the Texas attorney who deprived SPCK’s booksellers of their livelihoods, who drove one man to his death, who doesn’t pay his suppliers, who together with his brother Philip has been systematically shuffling stock from shop to shop until no one knows who owns what or which way’s up, who faked a bankruptcy filing in the USA courts in an attempt to evade his creditors and who sold a shop for half a million when he thought no one was looking, has had his assets frozen in the USA’s Stanford Financial fiasco.

No surprisingly, he’s desperate and hopping mad; and he’s made a formal complaint against the Securities and Exchange Commission (also available as pdf) and — oops. Tricky one there, isn’t it, Mark? Against “Unknown Agents of the S.E.C. and an Unknown Number of U.S. Marshals.”

If it weren’t for all the others caught up in the Stanford mess, it would be truly comical: J Mark Brewer, Texas Bully Boy who beats up British Booksellers v/s Big Guys and Unknown Opponents.

In many ways it’s a mirror image of the situation that he and his brother Philip W Brewer have created here in the UK: one moment we’re up against SSGCT, then it’s SSG LLC — which turned out to be a complete Brewer fabrication — then suddenly we’re facing multiple trading identities in the guise of ENC, Durham Shop Management, Chichester Shop Management and Third Space Books, which mysteriously seems to embrace them all but can’t be pinned down to a specific location; and no one knows who was employed by whom, let alone where their pension contributions went…

I’ll be taking a closer look at Mark’s list of complaints later and their parallels with the SPCK/SSG situation: it all looks eerily familiar; but for now, a couple of questions for him:




16 responses to “Poetic Justice for J Mark Brewer: Asset Stripper’s Assets Frozen

  1. Oh and what does it feel like Mark to have your personal finances threatened? Who will pay your legal costs Mark? For once it looks like the money won’t come from the sweat and blood of those who used to work in your bookshops.

  2. He needs locking up, that man Mark Brewer.

  3. Couldn’t of happened to a more worthy candidate…..oh the irony!

  4. A friend of mine earlier this week spoke of the Stanford Financial Fiasco, and mentioned how it reminded her of the Brewer brothers. Wait till she reads this .

  5. Valiant for Truth

    Extract from “Celebrating the Seasons” (Canterbury Press) reading for the Saturday after Ash Wednesday – “Let each of us, with an informed conscience, enter into a review of our actions, and bring our whole life before our minds for assessment, and try to discern whether we are deserving of correction or punishment.” (Homily of John Chrysostom). How suitable, Mr Brewer.

  6. On behalf of another blogger who gave up blogging for lent: Remember Stanford’s helicopter landing at Lord’s cricket ground? For Stanford’s helicopter read Brewer’s plane landing in Cornwall.

  7. For my cartoon comment see asingleblog`s blog

  8. Psalm 7:15-16, and many other similar sentiments in the Psalms and Proverbs.

  9. At least America has system whereby financial irregularities can be properly investigated, rather than the joke of a legal system we have in the UK.

  10. You’re so right Jim. The Brewers should have been nailed long ago. Wonderful how Mark Brewer takes issue with the SEC rather than with Stanford who is the “villain”. Tells us a lot about Mark Brewer doesn’t it?

  11. I’ve just discovered the news about the Brewer brothers. He was a member of the same church that I went to, St Joseph’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Houston, Tx. Is there any recent news on the Charity Commision inquiry?

  12. Jim Keys , I am so glad that you have discovered the news about the Brewer brothers, I suggest that you read all this blog . How did you find out about this blog?

  13. As Justice says, read the whole blog Jim. Beautiful church but isn’t it typical that J Mark Brewer looks so disassociated in those photos. Hope he isn’t giving any legal advice to the Orthodox community.

  14. Jim , thankyou for that information, I do hope that you will continue to keep looking in on this blog, and if you can help in anyway it will be much appreciated.

  15. Jim – thanks for visiting. We’re quite keen that folk in the USA are aware of Mark Brewers management style, so that folk go into dealings with him with eyes open.

    Latest info about the charity commissioners is in the most recent posts at the top of the blog. They seem to be in the process of selling assets, and winding up the affairs of the charity. The status of Durham remains unclear, as all the other existing shops transferred by Brewer from the Society of St. Stephen the Great to ENC have been taken by the Comissioners.

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