Sheffield Shop Stripped

SPCK 'Sign of The Pilgrim' still displayed at Sheffield, 13th Feb 2009

SPCK Sheffield RIP

Phil Groom writes:

And so it ends: SPCK Sheffield RIP. Excerpt from a private message received Monday 16th Feb:

… this morning, I noticed that the Sheffield bookshop doors were open and a large removal wagon parked outside. It would appear that the stock is being moved out… keeping an eye out for any rubbish which may be dumped just in case of any personal info being thrown out in black bags. This is a very sad end to a big part of the Christian community in Sheffield. Quite heartbreaking.

If anyone in the area managed to take any photos of the removals crew in action — or even just some before and after shots — please do get in touch: I’ll gladly post them. In the meantime, we’ll give the Atheist Bus Slogan Generator another spin:

The stock in the shops goes round and round, round and round...

The stock in the shops goes round and round, round and round...

Where will this stock end up, I wonder? Bradford? Newcastle? If there’s a sudden surge in stock levels at those shops, we’ll know where it came from. But has any of it been paid for? I’m sure my fears are unfounded: no doubt everything the Brewers are doing is above board and entirely legitimate. Christians would never trade in stolen property, would they?

“Quite heartbreaking”

9 responses to “Sheffield Shop Stripped

  1. The driver said he was going to Bradford.

  2. The problem here is that the B******, in their sad little malaligned world, still believe that they own this stock so will move it around to their few remaining stores to carry on their revenue stripping of the former SPCK chain.

    It will not be until an unpaid supplier grows anything resembling a backbone and walks in to one of these stores to claim back what is rightfully theirs that it will change.

    At the moment this whole scam is becoming a non-story as, to those not involved or aware of the problems, SPCK are just another failed chain in a whole high street of empty shops.

  3. I guess the problem would be proving which books had been supplied by them originally. Unless the books were invisibly tagged somehow, who is to tell who supplied them when they are shifted around. Isn`t this exactly what the Brewers are banking on – and making their staff receivers/handlers of stolen goods as a result.

  4. Unless the Brewer’s offered the landlord of the Sheffield shop money for unpaid rent I believe that the landlord could hold the stock as security against the unpaid rent. Put simply the Brewer’s could only get the stock back if the rent was paid. It doesn’t matter if the stcok was not paid for the issue to the landlord legally would have been the unpaid rent. If the Brewer’s had paid the rent then the landlord would not have been able to stop them taking the stock.

    Does this make sense?

  5. Valiant for Truth

    Makes complete sense, Phelim, and I agree. It’s both sad and ironic that as Sheffield gets a new Bishop, a man who has always supported both SPCK and the book trade, it no longer has an SPCK style shop.

  6. Sounds familiar. I was in negotiations with the landlord of another property for the stock that was left after a shop had been abandoned. But before I could finalise the deal SSG paid up and carted the stock away.

  7. Just wondering if the Brewers have used some of money from the sale of the Exeter shop. Are their accounts not due at the CC yet?

  8. Accounts are overdue for both SSG the charity and SSG the Business, hence them hiding behind ENC, Durham Cathedral Shop and Chichester Shop.

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