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Sheffield Shop Stripped

SPCK 'Sign of The Pilgrim' still displayed at Sheffield, 13th Feb 2009

SPCK Sheffield RIP

Phil Groom writes:

And so it ends: SPCK Sheffield RIP. Excerpt from a private message received Monday 16th Feb:

… this morning, I noticed that the Sheffield bookshop doors were open and a large removal wagon parked outside. It would appear that the stock is being moved out… keeping an eye out for any rubbish which may be dumped just in case of any personal info being thrown out in black bags. This is a very sad end to a big part of the Christian community in Sheffield. Quite heartbreaking.

If anyone in the area managed to take any photos of the removals crew in action — or even just some before and after shots — please do get in touch: I’ll gladly post them. In the meantime, we’ll give the Atheist Bus Slogan Generator another spin:

The stock in the shops goes round and round, round and round...

The stock in the shops goes round and round, round and round...

Where will this stock end up, I wonder? Bradford? Newcastle? If there’s a sudden surge in stock levels at those shops, we’ll know where it came from. But has any of it been paid for? I’m sure my fears are unfounded: no doubt everything the Brewers are doing is above board and entirely legitimate. Christians would never trade in stolen property, would they?

“Quite heartbreaking”