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Salisbury Revisited

Shop With No Name, Salisbury, 10th Feb 2009

The Shop With No Name, Salisbury, 10th Feb 2009

Phil Groom writes:

Took a day trip to Salisbury on Tuesday. The sun was shining, shoppers galore out and about, but the Shop With No Name was closed. The notice on the door said Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but I can’t remember the exact hours.

Looking through the windows I wondered how much of the stock on display was in real terms stolen property from unpaid suppliers. Lots of cards and candles, a token Lent book in the window, a Valentine’s Day display table inside: someone’s on the ball there, I thought… 

Sale On Selected Items

Sale On Selected Items

I was pleased to see that the ‘Sale’ notice has been changed to one that doesn’t mention SPCK, and whoever changed it was clearly paying attention to detail: the SPCK name and logo have been obliterated from the sale stickers on the books. But nothing to say who the shop’s owners are, no contact info anywhere to seen.

Silent Witness

Silent Witness

I looked up, to the ram above the door: a silent witness to the wrongs done here. “He must know,” I thought, “and the tales he’d tell if he could talk…”

For now we see through a glass, darkly...

'For now we see through a glass, darkly...'

I pointed my camera through the window in the door, and wondered when the windows had last been cleaned.

Although “for now we see through a glass, darkly,” the day is coming when the light of truth will dawn. Brewer beware.