Fun on the Buses: Slogan Competition

Phil Groom writes:

It’s amazing what you see on the roads in London these days:

There probably won't be any bookshops - there certainly wasn't a bankruptcy

There probably won't be any bookshops - there certainly wasn't a bankruptcy

There probably won't be any bookshops if we leave them to the Brewers

There probably won't be any bookshops if we leave them to the Brewers

Courtesy of the Atheist Bus Slogan Generator:
can you come up with anything better? |


22 responses to “Fun on the Buses: Slogan Competition

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Not better, but appropriate – “There probably won’t be any pensions the cash has gone to Brewer Bank.”

  2. “You can make buses cease and desist
    But you can’t keep bloggers quiet
    About SPCK and SSG” – here.

  3. There probably won`t be any Christian bookshops: try reading what`s in stock and join the Brewer Nitwits Party`s Jihad.

  4. I think you’ll need an extra-long bendy bus for that one, Mousey. I kinda like this one, but some may find it offensive…

  5. Third Space Books! A good place for a B&B.

  6. Peter Kirk that was fantastic absolutely fantastic.

  7. One for a triple bendy bus: Work for the Brewers, sleep in a bus station, breakfast is up to you.

  8. Just flying kites

    Up North all I can see is a long worm on a bus.

  9. Figured I’d collect a few together in the Art Gallery to form our own BBC Channel: the Brewer Bus Collection.

  10. How about: There isn’t a bookshop in Sheffield but it has books in it.

  11. Can anyone tell me whats going on at the Sheffield shop .Is there a bookshop ?

  12. There may not be a bookshop, but there’s sure to be a brewery… and a bad, bad smell because what’s brewing isn’t beer.

  13. Pedants corner: from what I remember the Wards brewery in Sheffield closed down a few years back. Foul stuff anyway.

  14. Not strictly about the Brewers – but shows why we need good Christian bookshops.

    CHRISTIANITY: God in a manger
    SECULARISM: dog in a manger!

  15. Saw a wondeful slogan – you can take an athiest to the evidence but you can’t make them think. To change this about M + B Brewer you can show the Brewer’s the facts but you can’t make them admit them.

  16. Not sure that suggesting that atheists can’t or won’t think is the way to win any respect for the Christian cause, Phelim: most atheists I know have come to their beliefs precisely because they’ve given the matter a lot of thought; but I know plenty of so-called Christians who don’t seem to have thought through their faith, let alone what it implies for the way they treat other people.

    Back to the buses, however: here’s one to sing along to. All together now, you know the tune:

    The stock in the shops
    goes round and round, round and round…

  17. My experience is very different to your’s Phil. Try discussing the problems with evolutionary and big bang theory with athiests and you will see what I mean – the majority of athiests I know have more faith than Christians, their faith is just in an unproven set of scientific theories that they trumpet as proof.

  18. Just looked again at the league table for posts to this blog. How about:
    Brewers demand `immediately` and postpone indefinitely.

  19. Phelim: I guess it depends on the approach you take. Dismissing “evolutionary and big bang theory” as “an unproven set of scientific theories” is simply grist to the atheist mill. There’s plenty of scope for discussion and discovery in the details of how evolution took place, but to flatly deny it in the face of what we now know is like claiming the earth is flat… but this is a discussion for elsewhere, I think, so I’ll say no more.

  20. If bookshops with worthwhile contents still existed, someone might suggest you go out and buy a copy of David Wilkinson`s `Space, Time and Stephen Hawking.`

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