Shopping in Chester

Phil Groom writes:

Chester Till Receipt and Bag, January 2009

Chester Till Receipt and Bag, January 2009

Merely an oversight, I’m sure…

I understand that Trading Standards have given the shop until 5th Feb to set the record straight and provide a notice identifying the current owners along with their contact details.

I’ll say no more: don’t want to go down in history as a nit picker 😉

Thank you to our intrepid photographer: you know who you are.

15 responses to “Shopping in Chester

  1. Phil – I think this is one nit you can pick.

    This is something that should have been centrally by the owners, not a shop worker, especially considering the strongly centralised manner in which the B*****s have been ripping off the chain.

  2. Phelim McIntyre

    It is possible thay the shop is only giving out SPCK bags because a) they are being green and b) they have loads of bags from now defunct shops and nothing else to use. The design of these bags actually predate the Brewer take over so may be the only ones available.

    But the till receipt – its over a year since the right to use the SPCK name was taken away so the receipt should have been changed.

    I look forward to seeing the photo of the owner’s contact details, as would a lot of people who are trying to get hold of them.

  3. Re. the SPCK name: more to the point, I think, is Mark Brewer’s claim that he wanted to distance SSG from SPCK — quite clearly nothing but an attempt to avoid embarrassment at having the licence withdrawn. In practice, of course, they’ve done the very opposite and continued trading off of SPCK’s former reputation.

    But hey — here’s a step in the right direction: I’m told that they’re now turning the bags inside-out before giving them to customers…

  4. Phelim, about the bags – your second premise is correct. The workers in the ENC shops just don’t have bags. It’s not their fault. As for those turning the bags inside-out, I guess they read this blog. I doubt that the Brewers would have instructed them to do so. Changing the name on the till slips might be problematic. I notice that in the failed bankruptcy attempt, Booksolve is owed a substantial amount of money. Unless the Brewers have since paid their Booksolve account, I do not see how the name on the till slip can change. As far as I can recall, you have to ring Booksolve and they change names, vat numbers, vat etc. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

  5. Sorry, I doubt that the Brewers will have instructed staff to turn the bags inside-out not instructed them to read this blog.

  6. the name on the till slip is that of the Agency worker, who I understand has only worked there since August… someone knows how to access the system….wonder why they didnt change anything else whilst they were at it…?

  7. As well as misleading customers, I wonder to what extent the agency workers are being misled? Do they think that they’re working for SPCK? This whole despicable business does nothing but bring SPCK into disrepute.

  8. Given what Annie has just posted, this does seem like a deliberate effort at misleading everybody. I’m reminded of Maddy (ex-Exeter) believing that she was employed by SPCK.

  9. Also, in the case of returns, I would imagine that they could argue that the sale was with SPCK not SSG as ‘that’s what it says on the ticket’.

    Am I just being paranoid? Grief, what are those B*****s doing to me.

  10. Love the way you spell ‘Brewers’ with a string of asterisks, RevEv — the name really has become an expletive, hasn’t it?

  11. Bet you had to think about it though!

  12. Annie, your’re right about adding names. I added Lee when he came in August. All the till systems have a setup program on them allowing you to change details such as the address and the VAT numbers, it was something that I regularly used. Unfortunatly the one in Chester is faulty. The till works, but the setup program in temepramental. However their really in no excuse for it from Brewer’s point of view.

    I doubt it would take Booksolve more than a day to solve the problem, likely less, and it would take someone five minutes to change the details on the receipts.
    Anyway, no contract, so what can the staff in chester do? Stick a label over the receipts? I think turning the bags inside out was a smart idea!

    I was promised by a certain person at booksolve they would help if I had problems, but I decided to never take them up on the offer, as it should be sound business practice from Brewer that gets things done. No matter what the reasoning behind such details not being changed however, it’s all still a result of Brewer not paying bills.

    If I remember correctly Lee was given 2 days to learn EVERYTHING, and anyone who has worked at a shop can appreciate how complicated some systems can be, especially now.
    I commend his nerve to step almost blind into the job.

  13. I feel sorry for him to, its not his fault that he has to work with no support or practical help – the same can be said of all staff left..

  14. Annie has made an important point. Any mistakes made in the shops must be laid firmly at the door of the Brewers. After all it is not up to the staff to pay the bills. Whenever I read this blog I keep in mind that it’s the Brewers we’re fighting and any shortcomings highlighted are directed at them not the staff.

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