Supporting Gaza

Phil Groom writes:

Hope you’ll forgive me going off-topic today: I’m kinda angry with the BBC and their so-called “impartiality” in refusing to broadcast the DEC Appeal for Gaza. Puts our gripes about them dropping us from the Sunday Programme into perspective, though, I think. I’ve gone on about it more here: Supporting Gaza. Please do. Support Gaza, I mean; and yes, of course Hamas launching missiles in Israel was wrong, but that doesn’t make Israel’s brutal retaliation right.

Here’s the appeal the BBC wouldn’t show:


13 responses to “Supporting Gaza

  1. Phelim McIntyre

    Actually I find the BBC hypocritical over this – they have not reported the 8ths+ missiles that Hamas have fired into Israel, the statement from the International Red Cross that Israel did not use white phospherus (though they reported the Human Rights Watch claim that Israel did), and they have not reported the claim from a Palestinian doctor working in the Shifa hospital in Gaza that rather than the death toll being in the thousands that it is under 600. But then they claimed the death toll from Jenin was 1500 when the UN recognised figure was 54 of which 45 were Palestinian militants. Puts the BBC’s attitude in perspective doesn’t it.

  2. Phelim McIntyre

    Just to make it clear I do not agree with how heavy handed Israel were. I do though think that we in the West have not been told the truth about what is going on, and the media is not giving the Israeli side a fair hearing.

  3. I agree entirely, Phelim; and as Eddie Arthur points out, there something rather bizarre about an organisation that spends millions of pounds of licence payers’ money to bring us puerile drivel like Jonathan Ross but has reservations about broadcasting an appeal to help in a humanitarian crisis: Gaza and Jonathan Ross.

    If the BBC gave but a fraction of Jonathan Ross’ salary to help rebuild Gaza the difference made would be phenomenal!

    As for their so-called “impartiality”: what, exactly, do they think they’ve been filming these last few weeks? This is a bloody humanitarian crisis, not a blasted wildlife documentary! We need gloves off and hands on, not hands-off non-interference!

  4. I wonder why we have not heard the Israeli side of the story? Anything to do with the Israeli government not allowing foreign journalists into Palestine perhaps? Reminds me of Mugabe not wanting British journalists in Zimbabwe.

  5. Actually asingleblog – the reporter who writes about the doctor who disagrees with the Hamas death figure reports from inside Gaza, is an Italian and works for the Itlaian newspaper Corriere della sera. So contrary to what you here from the BBC foreign reporters are allowed into Gaza. Some groups have been banned by Hamas.

    Reuters, Sky, the BBC and others have a history of not telling the truth. Remember the war in South Lebanon? Reuters was caught out using the same woman at four different sites where houses were meant to have been destroyed, she was a professional actress. In 2002 Egyptian media reported that the Palestinian authorities and Western journalists bussed people into Jenin to inflate the population (as over 11ths had left before fighting started).

    Follow this link and look at the picture at the bottom Two boys throwing concrete blocks reported by Associated Press and Reuters as throwing stones. This page also has a photo which Reuters admits to have doctored using photoshop.

    If people want it I can provide a direct link to the UN report on Jenin which tells a very diferent story to the Guardian and BBC versions.

  6. Hey guys, let’s not fight amongst ourselves over this. If the BBC is wrong then we can all still watch the appeal on ITV, Channel 4 etc. And anyway, as Christians who are supposed to be compassionate and help those who are suffering, do we really need a DEC appeal to get on with responding.

    There are two sides to every story and we’ll never know the rights and wrongs on either side fully.

    Just one point – who was it who murdered the manager of the Christian bookshop in Gaza in 2007?

  7. Phelim McIntyre

    Newshoud – it was Hamas supporters.

  8. Phil,
    if you are going to ‘go off topic’ then this is just the right sort of topic that you should be highlighting. So, thank you.

    And yes, it does show our SPCK woes to be minor, but if the stifling of the sort of freedom of speech that SPCK shops stood for is left unchallenged then more frustrated people may resort to violence and more governments may feel free to act with disproportionate violence.

  9. Phelim,

    Yes I know it was.
    I was actually supporting your point of view without wishing to take sides.
    If we need an appeal to respond to then so be it – watch it on the other channels and boycott the BBC – still the best news coverage across the world.

  10. Phelim McIntyre

    Sorry Newshound – I thought you were asking a question, not making a point.

  11. Anyone who’d like to send a message to the BBC about this can do so privately via the BBC’s own Complaints page. It’s kinda longwinded, though, so even better: please show your solidarity with others here:
    Tell the BBC: stop blocking Gaza aid.

  12. Just to raise the latest on this issue -the Church Times carries an article on the Independent and the Times newspapers accusing Christian Aid of unIsraeli and needlessly pro-Palistinian bias. Having followed these papers as someone who did media studies all I can say is “pot to kettle – chromakey check” (this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black).

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